starting with eric yl magazine, know all those people, i wanna help and i know people love to help. people are also super inspried by being part + by meeting live + by seeing their impact + by activating friends, colleagues, peers and making it part of their daily lives + by going visit, dream come true, + the rush of being on media … so, how about we simply package all of that into one experience? In fact, it all comes super easy. Easy like lemonaid stands. Find out below:

We are ordinary, loving, groovy people like you – and we all love the experience.

We see success unfold

with weekly updates on social media and newsletter.

We also share and print them to activate  our friends, school and workplace communities to multiply our impact, reach and fun.

We have live Video-meets

with our hero*ines and community members – for Q&A, behind-the-scenes, unique insights, celebrating our common achievements, planning what’s next.

We also bring in own ideas and team up to make them real!

We even go Visit

as friends, guests, tourists, trainers, volunteers for making a contribution and enjoying a lifetime experience!

We vividly document our stays to share with social and news media, schools and friends back home – to boost reach, impact and supportive community.

We put the FUN into fundraising

like teen hero*ines do – because donating $10€ is nice, but scoring $1,000€ with simple steps is pure epic and really moves mountains … so we might as well, right?!

Entire towns make it their mission

because, you know, impacting the future of an entire region on this small planet is the coolest thing that ever happened in this sleepy town!

We combine it with our professional lives

and enrich our work days with purpose, vision and inspired community. It cascades into training, newsletters, media work, CSR, customer interactions and our families. 

We also team up our trainees and staff with hero*ines to run projects together and achieve big milestones. It’s great intrapreneurship!