scale up – how to raise bigger amounts with lots of FUN!

philanthro-party philosophy by lulu cerone age 12

put the FUn into FUNdraising

a dose of fun, magic and adventure

win wins

+ We Use Magic

to scale up our FUNdraising, reach and impact
like our teen hero*ine friends do

We use Philanthro-Party philosophy

putting the FUN into fundraising using a twist of magic and adventure like Lulu Cerone and LemonAID Warriors, plus tricks by mega successful fundraising champs that can work for all of us. 

$10K milestone? Piece of pie! Kids do it!

We act and inspire year-round across platforms, spaces and occasions

  • using inspirational stories, media, music
  • connecting with the SDGs
  • doing poster exhibits
  • creating LearnSpaces
  • using UNITED NATIONS Theme Days

to reach into schools, workplaces, media and public space – with swift, simple steps

We activate Allies

  • schools
  • media
  • friends
  • professionals
  • celebrities

who all benefit from being part