“Without goals you can’t score” Casey Neistat

+ We Dream BIG

because we got our lovely lives and planet to save

We wish this platform and community to grow global

1 million members, $10,000,000€ monthly for awesome changemakers – wouldn’t that be fun? Can you imagine the impact?

Let’s put our minds together. We have ace content, stories and smart, dedicated people like you!

Our Online Volunteers

  • translate, promote, socialize, seed on social media, to online and print media, to schools, communities, funders …
  • using our skills and relations, involve hero*ines, celebrities, create cool pilot projects, media documentation, seed them to multipliers …

We can actually make this school and university crew projects.

We are not alone

We have a global community of changemakers and the YOUTH-LEADER tribe with UNESCO status, relations to UNITED NATIONS UNIVERSITY RCEs. We’ve been busy building this up for two decades. Come on, let’s use this.