We also empower local youth

to rock like their hero*ine peers

We seed hero*ine role model story packs to schools, do exhibits and LearnZones

where we can reach the entire young generation,

aligned with the Purpose of Schooling, UNESCO, Education for Sustainable Development ESD and the UNITED NATIONS Sustainable Development Goals SDGs – in fact, we help bring them to life!

We can also work with teachers, changemaker student clubs and facilitate a year-round SDG School Challenge

We give presentations + crash courses in youth leadership

  • using world class resources and enjoying fabulous feedback from teachers and students
  • connecting them to a global community of  changemakers and coaches to follow up completely self-organized – also with the hero*ines we love! Yay!

To do this, we train ourselves as YL Coaches – swift, fun and certified!

We support activated Youth Teams

like we support young hero*ines

  • with rich in-kind support, since we can contribute all our spaces, crews, talent and infrastructure
  • with mentoring and prizes

Don’t you love the idea of sparking and supporting local Gryffindore crews?