Our Story

Hi, my name is Eric,

i love this planet. the solutions exist, i want them in all schools.

with Yl Magazine (links)  saw how amazing, if scale,d. check these out

20,000 kids into school for $2,000€

if we invest in Pooja to continue campaigning to promote the RTE Act in poor neightborhoods. That is efficiency!

500,000 books for Native Kids

With 1 school presentation, Emma and Julia score 1,000 books worth $10,000. All they need is donations to pay for shipping.

27 Cities Water a Human Right

public and bottled water banned, in 1 year, at age 13.

Raise $40,000€ with 1 sponsor run

like student company Namaste Nepal does

$70,000€ build a Self-defense Academy for the Red Brigade

India’s famous crew that has trained 30,000 girls in 7 years, changed lives, laws, worldview – their dream is an Academy with training hall, school, healing room …

$2,000€ train 1 Serengeti ranger

$1,000€ pay a full crew of 4 for 1 month to protect Africa’s grand wildlife from extinction – in alliance with wildly popular youth activist Raabia Hawa

$200€ Young Hero*ine Exhibits

can spark youth Leadership across your city

$350€ = XL Box for a refugee camp

with teenage hero*ine poster exhibit, books, cardgames, action guides, manual, skype tickets for access to a global tribe of like-hearted youth, schools, changemakers and supporters

but also saw how people only take inspiration and hope but don’t give back to them. they just feed on them and this is not right, these are humanity’s finest people, as you can tell, – and please think for a second about it – they are today’s gandhis and einsteins and gry<finndors  and i think it is a real real real ashame that we all have underperformed in supporting them.

TOGGLE have you ever felt into how heartcore changemakers feel and see the world?

dont support them in reelvant baddas fomr but basically sit idle , comfy, or incompeetent, no matetr what reasona nd doing nothing … while many of themw rok their butts off, some get murdered(!) and all their hearts are suffering because they the entire world and they see so much work to be done and they know they have the solution and impelment it, but their hearts hurt at not being able to reach the 100 million others and the billions of animals… can you imagine who changemakers tick? and  find it is time for all of us to help them achieve their dream. so theyx can also smile and kick back and laugh and draw on hope … like we do from them. i think this is they achieve they have the heart to commit, while we all fail for all sorts of reasons, so no matter what those reasons may be … they deserve all our support, and we deserve to amke a way bigger effort. 

so, i know it’s tricky and many are so sucked up in busy lives, dumbed down depressed hard to breathe. so … being able to feel into each and eferyone of you… and your joys … and your aspirations for life, for your workdays, profession and the planet i have thought up ways for all of you, for all of us … to make consierdable contributions in simple ways without effort, but fun, adding fun, magic, adventure and new friendships to our days,.

this means personal AND professional win win benefits!

sounds good? now look at how this works at the boost club.

update: from 2020, this crowdfunding platform has expanded to be a full scale platfoprm for boosting youth leadership in all sphere sof life. it’s the youth-leader’s platform for adults, compelmenting the platform and action program for youth age 8-18 #bemoreawesome 

so go check out the big important stuff to make this work and succesful for you people and planet!

  • how it is fun and fascinating
  • how it is high impact
  • how it’s win win for you