mention as big multipler fundraise etc

you as adult can activate it using simple steps

schools can boost using our resources here

but recommended to take our holistic approach with

yl at school, crash course, changemaker student clubs  in #bemoreawesome, sdg school challenge

why? because with boost! you ll focus on a few issues, causes, activities, hero*ines, but your student body is diverse, hence many will not get inspired on their main cause AND it will be a short flare, whereas our changemaker student club programs activate youth to sustain and self-organize year-round action on dozens of causes with 100+ hero*ines

so, welcome to boost! but please, please if you love this, spend a little time on other pages, since this here is for adults, and we have something way bigger for youth. to unfold their many other superpowers

+ We activate WORKPLACES

as employee, shopkeeper, CEO, teacher, journalist, librarian, councillor…