1 School = 1,000 Students x 1 Item

School means students and teachers that appreciate doing good for people and planet. And practically, it means

  • a masse of young people
  • 2,000 parents

many of which

  • enjoy doing something special to liven up routine school days
  • love doing something that matters as they are all well aware of emerging global crisis
  • love feeling their own power in this time that youth and adults feel powerless and fried by protests, pandemics and bad governance
  • love doing something of societal relevance

which means that the chance to activate caring teachers and school classes and entire schools is VERY HIGH.

Students en masse make BIG IMPACT, easy

  • if each student only gives 1 item, it’s 1,000 items, such as a book they loved – like Harry Potter, dinosaurs, our Earth… to set up a Magical Children’s and Youth Library for kids in a place in crisis and need of peace and dreams
  • If each student gifts $1€, it’s $1,000€ … which is worth 10x more in low income regions

… it only takes them minutes
… it takes only minimal effort
… it doesn’t cost them money
… they get it done in a single day or week

and in the hands of high impact changemakers it can manifest a milestone
with considerable impact and ripple effects in the community

That’s a great experience. So fast. So easy!

So, make sure to put ACTIVATING SCHOOLS on your list.

Here are 4 facts to make you feel at ease with contacting this place where young people learn about the world and how to shape it in a lovely way.

1. You have all the tools you need – flyers, cover letters, posters – and a great range of popular causes, quality teaching tools, activities, speakers and project partners to offer.

Many people feel insecure about addressing schools due to suboptimal experiences with school, but it is no longer necessary for you. You now have GOLD for caring teachers, and there’s three good teachers at every school that love this (the social one, the green one, the wild one). Schools are no longer closed to collaboration with outer school experts, civil society, volunteers – which can be citizens or parents or youth.

2. No need to feel overly responsible.

Keep in mind : You need not guide the activity. Teachers can directly connect with us. You are welcome to participate. Your passion and eventually your own stories and experiences and anecdotes with boosting hero*ines will enrich the learning experience and also provide teachers and students with a local contact for further follow-up activites. There is no need to plan anything, it is IMPOSSIBLE to project what follows. It depends entirely on students’ passion and on your spontaneity as you freestyle ideas based on your knowledge of hero*ines and milestones. Your main role is to inform them. That’s the big step that only you can do, not us.

3. No need to feel shy.

The 3 good teachers tick like you. They are the everybody’s favorite teacher type of person. They care about global issues and to help students grow, wield life skills and be awesome. They love student clubs and school fests with meaning. Student love them precisely BECAUSE they are PASSIONATE, authentic and personal. They are like you and happy about people speaking their HEART and taking extra ACTION beyond the basic “official” requirements of subject teachers and voters. They feel sad and frustrated about dull society, dull parents, lazy students. Their heart breaks seeing this unnecessary crisis and the rigid apathy of people and institutions, including the suboptimal backward performance of their own school. You are a great ally. Don’t worry about the 90% of teacher, principal and secretary bots that don’t comprehend your language. You focus on finding ONE of the three that care, and hand over our magical artefacts.

4. Be confident, you bring them un-ex-pected GOLD.

They speak fast. They think practical. That’s OKAY. They are busy and disciplined, because they have to schedule 30% more than their bot colleagues and play circus director for a student herd that acts like cattle (like adult generations) while they should be genius Gryffindores. That’s why they rock. It doesn’t mean they don’t have time for you or dislike you. You GRAB THOSE 30 SECONDS and they will sense your urgency, passion and determination which mirrors THEIR OWN, they remember their younger self. You tell them, you know they are busy, and you also know they care about global issues and love to see active students that self-organize action for people and planet. You emphasize that this is GOLD for them, they get world class partners, you are part of that volunteer citizen community and you are ready to help, at school, and also beyond school, in case that students are on fire to do more, like they do with sports. 

Schools are the most important space to make youth leadership omni-present

because this is where all youth meet for years.

It is the only space and time in this young generation’s life that they can

  • agree on what better world they love to see and want

… which is a very different world from the current one
… which requires them to become very different citizens than current adult generations, that have zero clue how to really make things better

  • learn solutions
  • take action changing lives and land
  • build trust in themselves and one another
  • agree on priorities for their future

that can be a guiding light for the next 70 years of their lives, which will be all-decisive for their dreams, all species alive today and for life on Earth.

Whether you have time or experience with us or not,


And if they don’t respond, well, who cares. What matters is that you try everything you can. That’s what we do … and it makes stuff happen. And it feels GOOD.

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