Guess what – each of us can make enormous impact – when equipped with high quality tools of the sort that connect youth and adults with worldclass changemakers. So please wield them. It’s simple. Start with Quickies, practice them daily and use tricks to scale up your reach and impact.

One shared post can reach many. So can articles, flyers, poster exhibits and books.

Each can
> generate a book drive scoring 1,000 books of $10,000€ value to set up a Magical Children & Youth Library in a youth-led LearnSpace in a refugee camp or rural region facing 50% unemployment, high crime and rape with one of our partners, with inspiring story, video-meetings and more.
Teachers love this to bring global issues to life and empower their students to make a difference. At an ordinary middle or high school, it requires only each student to gift one book. Bam! View SCALE UP‘s Impact Stories for more examples.
> lead to forming of a Changemaker Student Club

> activate an entire school

You can also give presentations organize video-meets with our hero*ines, call YL Coaches into town. You can even train yourself as YL Coach and wield our full scope of media, methods and programs with our global tribe of project partners and coaches.