Sumaili formed the girls crew in 2019 to improve food supply through permaculture and to reduce catastrophic sexual violence against girls, to better education for girls, open vision and doors to get out of there.

The pain is considerable, the needs diverse, their courage huge, and potentials even bigger !!

Equipped with nothing but a phone they trained in permaculture, acquired permission to use lands, composed songs on permaculture, water and peace, produced music videos, gained funding for a building … and that was it … until Sumaili and Eric started fireworks resulting in

  • the world-premiere GOOD NEWS from a refugee camp, and powered by youth!
  • 10+ precious milestones for YOU to realize, YAY!
  • with diverse impact on the girls, the community and the broader youth leadership campaign
  • a vivid story for journalists to tell and involve their audiences
  • 1st YL LearnSpace in a refugee camp
  • a youth-led model to replicate across camp and at other camps
  • Project Partnership with schools for a unique authentic HUMAN insights into the refugee situation


Inspired by their new unexpected opportunities, the crew is on fire to get active.


We got to know Sumaili and the girls via Angelique Rodriguez (Water-Unite, USA) and Eric seized the opportunity for this extraordinary opportunity to enrich our line-up of Speakers and Project Partners for global schools with this amazing crew and spent the Christmas season on messenger- and videoscreens to assess the situation, share materials, agree on goals, build trust with the girls, bring in partners and plan next steps.

We have agreed to complement their focus causes with turning their building into a YL LearnSpace with potential for full spectrum youth leadership reaching into families, schools, community and beyond. This will make a prototype model for replication throughout the *enormous* camp and in other camps.
THAT’S HUGE! And you can be part of this world-premiere endeavor.  
We have come up with very creative milestones that generate diverse benefits PLUS attract families and community members to the centre and crew headquarter. They are quite unusual – and a GREAT EXPERIENCE IN BASIC DEVELOPMENT! We know they’ll make you smile and want to unlock them!  


  • 6-country video conference on ending sexual violence against girls with Red Brigade Trust, India,  community organizers in 4 African countries, La Fondation Aicha (Guinea, USA), Watershed Wisdom Councils (USA)
  • video-meet on healing sexual violence with Eric and South African Magical Coach Skhumbuzo Dlamini
  • photo- and video portrait shoot
  • financial transation formalities solved
  • webpage and crowdfunding profile
  • 14 day intensive coaching for Sumaili
  • monthly phone tariff
  • health booster donation for Sumaili to overcome Malaria
  • New Year’s soap gifts for the girls – this gives you an idea of the situation and what difference all of us can make!
  • Change Generation Music video session for the girls crew

What’s needed from here onwards are tools. 
All of us can easily help get them via donations and in-kind help.

View the exciting IMPACT that we can make with simple MILESTONES and cascading ripple effects and join in!