It is decided. 

Red Brigade trainers will help girls and women in far away Africa to liberate themselves from the hell of family members and neighbors preying on them like savage beasts.

We couldn’t be more amazed that this is happening. the Red Brigade are teenage rape survivors on the hard turf of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India – and have 

  • trained 30,000 girls in self-defense
  • generated hundreds of millions global media impressions
  • changed culture and laws
  • launched several educational programs
  • launched ventures to protect their communities from pandemic poverty and famine, to rescue acid attack survivors and give them a self-determined future
  • spawned teams in 8 cities
  • grown into the largest youth leadership organization of their state and beyond
  • developed their own set of techniques learned from coaches from diverse traditions on 4 continents
  • called for YL India to get established

and a rocksolid stand with YOUTH-LEADER as role models for … everybody. Youth LOVE them.

Now, we can bring their spirit, wisdom and knowledge to the girls in what used to be the worst and most dysconnected place throughout history – war refugee camps.

This is a world-premiere possible through simple things like a cell phone and a pizza menu’s worth of phone tarriff per month.

We hope that you grasp the epicness of the moment and Y/OUR POWERS to make much more of this happen impacting tens of thousands of girls  that are savagely brutalized and entirely left for themselves, silenced and killed even by their families. and police, neighbors, politicians, organizations, blablah talkers doing nothing.

We do and now with this coaching crew on board – YOU CAN, TOO.

Please spread the word, follow this story and help us speedrun to manifest further milestones that flank and boost the multi-facted quest.


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