… like the Day of Girls or Youth Skills. We serve 50 Theme Days through the year, which means an average of 1 per week.

They are highly useful for adults who boost young hero*ines and local youth. They are even more useful for teenage changemakers doing tangible projects; and you as their Adult Allies. 

The practical aspect.

Calendar of Action

for a drumbeat of action through the year

Order of Action

to put diverse topics in order, to plan towards

Source of Info

on causes, from UN Day related websites, programs and articles

It adds a sense of purpose.

Unity for Action

to harmonize action among many people, also in the YL Tribe

Part of something greater

It puts our specific action in a bigger picture

Entitlement and urgency

to do something on this topic, not just personal opinion

It helps connect with others

adding purpose, aligned with their professional aspirations; you may become Allies!
(YL Youth Teams can keep them busy 50 weeks a year)



are open for doing something special on UN Theme Days, such as presentations by external or partners, extracurricular activities, exhibits on school grounds, invite parents, as theme for action days, weeks and school fests

City Councillors

also respond to, commemorate and communicate UN Days. You offer something highly appreciated:

  • youth action
  • citizen action
  • school action

for needed Able Active Caring Citizenship.

Keep in mind: YOU offer youth, schools and citizens to join in boosting hero*ines and to boost local Youth Leadership


use UN Days to raise awareness, but are limited to sad data. You offer people-powered solutions, uplifting story with local protagonists for audiences to get involved, with follow-up chapters on impact.

Civil Society

For all water or girl related NGOs, World Water or Girls Day is their ‘big birthday party’ where they get together for a public event, offer seminars or hamonize their news articles.

You offer something fresh, exciting and impactful:

  • success stories
  • action with impact
  • creative contribution
  • youth leadership

They may include it in articles, newsletters and their offers for schools!

Public Librarians & Community Centre

Libraries display books on theme weeks. How about using UN Days? How about adding exhibits, presentations, workshops, actions to the program, for schools, public, weekdays, week-ends, holiday times involving the community?

Entrepreneurs, Philanthropists, Celebrities

do company fests and galas, task staff to volunteer, do trips and enjoy challenges.

You can invite them any time, some might like UN Day context, also for timing, and vividly document their activities for news media, since they are role model for other companies.

As you see, depending on your country, UN Days can considerably help get attention for your email, letter and offer and this will of course boost reach, impact and fun. But don’t get attached to them. As a newbie, best informally follow your flow. As your scope of activities, friends, crew, allies and supportive community grow, you should experiment with aligning, timing and communicating actions with UN Days.


You’ll be surpised about the scope of UN Days!

With our vast line-up of hero*ines and solutions, Youth Teams act on 100 UN Days, an average of 1 each week. You can imagine why we say everyone in town will know YL Warrior Clans. You are likely slower paced since as adults you have smaller numbers, less missions and less TIME, but you can easily act on one per month. Makes a nice sport, hum? 


World Wetlands Day (A/RES/75/317)

02 Feb

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