Bal Manch have completed construction, and interior decoration of a school for children in the poor Lucknow district they serve. This is a major achievement, since it is the first sort of headquarter for the crew, the kids and becomes an epi-centre for many child-oriented activities. The children will grow up with far more than alphabetization. Bal Manch’s broad scope of social activism, justice and community service, education and vocational training guarantees an upbringing as Able Active Caring Citizens.

Further, Bal Manch’s close collaboration with the Red Brigade Trust (now in 7 cities) that has grown into the state’s biggets youth-led organization means education in gender equality, good touch bad touch, self-defense, community service – and as Bal Manch kids grow into teenagers  they can flow into the Red Brigade Trust’s structures of youth leadership and ever growing social change activism.

We look forward to enable visits, volunteering and more with Bal Manch’s growing community.

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