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… using and co-creating all this …

… and more!

Everybody loves young hero*ines & would love to see plenty of their kind in one’s home region.

Together, we boost their global initiatives and local youth leadership
perfectly aligned with your fave causes, lifestyle, location, profession, passion, skills and TIME.


We are a secret society on fire to
to make the world awesome.


If you love to evoke positive changes – BIG TIME – then this is for you.


What is Youth Leadership?

“Training youth to self-organize projects changing lives and land at record pace and scale”
has been part of civic education in the USA and Canada for 50 years.

In practice, it means changing lives and land, learning, laws and industries

through Projects. Like this …


raised 500,000 books for aboriginal communities, boosting reading and writing skills, dreaming, reducing suicide numbers


made water a human right in 27 cities – at age 13


launched a radio show on kids’ views on the ongoing civil war, 90% of listeners called it their favorite show


founded a free school at age 9, had 6,000 students, the first are now teachers at his newly built school


created a youtube show on yukky, unhealthy ingredients in popular foods – at age 7


has shipped 100 seed libraries to schools and libraries in all 50 US Staes, planted Sidewalk Community Fruit Alleys and more


year 7 biology crew restored a watershed, then designed a curriculum, now teach kids at 5 schools to do like them


crew has freed dozens of school grounds from poisons by teaming up students with greenkeepers to weed by hand


closed a factory that had caused 9x national cancer average in her town for 30 years – at age 15


evoked an ivory import ban in Hong Kong, leading to moratoriums on import and closing carving factories in China


tell their stories > youth respond with forming Changemaker Student Clubs, NGOs and taking action on their fave causes

You will meet many more like them here.

What if our entire young generation
grows up like that?

It’s easy. It starts with inspiration by role model stories.
And it grows with student clubs at school. Good teachers love it. 

When such teens turn Twens, they don’t stop.

Chloe started at age 12, set records as student club. At uni, she co-founded Divest Harvard, icon of the global divestment movement, locking over $7,000 billion€ from dirty fuel investment.

Then, she returned home, and to protect the land, towns and neighbors she loves, she ran for office. Ignoring “party strategies” she knocked at 10,000 doors …

… and for the first time in US history won this rural + working class + most senior district of the US for the Democratic Party by running a 100% positive campaign.

At record pace, she united people of all parties to co-formulate and pass progressive laws. 2 years later, she went on to swing Trump voters to elect her as youngest Senator in the state’s history, and now, folks work on constitutional amendments … SHE KNOWS.

Youth leadership en masse is a game changer for society.
– Chloe Maxmin

Big news in Feb 2022

It’s February 2022 and Chloe and Canyon’s book is out and instantly rose to #1 in pre-sales!!


YOUTH-LEADER enables all Youth at school and beyond to do like them,
and all their Adult Allies to join them on this quest, equipped with worldclass resources and partners.

We make it easy, fun and rewarding.

Everybody loves it.

Here, you get to unfold

and this is not a naive advertizing slogan! 
We call on you to evoke massive changes like today’s teen hero*ines and our epic YL Coaches.

We know you are busy. We make it easy, impactful & enriching your life at home, with family and friends, at work, in town, with personal growth and living dreams that money can’t buy.

Adults have Superpowers

to involve youth and citizens en masse and generate funds and support for remarkable impact – just think of your many friends, their skills and relations, of the workplace and customers … many wish to see good happen and are happy to chip in a bit. Especially when it comes with fun, wit and wow!

What you need is causes and vivid stories, awesome recipients, bam impact – in one word: MISSIONS. And now you got plenty of those, plus lots of tools.

Then, think of teachers, city councillors, journalists, librarians, civil society … they have specific superpowers, for example to reach 100s or 1,000s of people – and it is perfectly aligned with their professional purpose. They love it. We help you activate all of them. Often, it only takes to pass on a flyer. Keep in mind – we are with THE world experts, got UN Awards, UNESCO, UN University status and 25 years of experience on 7 continents. It works everywhere.

Youth have Superpowers, too.

Even more than adults.
They unfold them in our BeMoreAwesome Changemaker Community for youth.

The evident thing to-do is to donate

to handpicked hero*ines to help reach next milestones, impact thousands of lives and shape the future of entire regions. You are making that possible and will feel your impact. It is highly rewarding and a superb story to share with others using tricks to scale up your $10€ to become $1,000€. Nice, huh?

In response to demand, we now also help community organizers in crisis regions and refugee camps set up our Youth Leadership Learning Centres with a wide scope of actitivities as a replicable model for other regions. This is the only youth-led model to better conditions in such challenged spaces. Once again, you’ll see swift changes on what NGOs and governments failed to do. You matter big time and you will feel that. Again, you’ll have a fascinating story to share with schools, media … and we help you do so.

You can also help in-kind

in many forms, with enormous potentials for impact and lots of fun, and SCALE UP your impact by inspiring 100s of people near you using common sense tools, tips and tricks for putting the FUN into FUNdraising.

You see success unfold in real-time

on social media, with video meetings and opportunity to pay visits to hero*ines you love and projects you support! Awesome, aye?!

“Can we help our Local Youth unfold their powers?”

people ask. YES. Of course, this complements our work and perfectly synchs with boosting global hero*ines as you will see. You can take quick actions using our tools, and organize advanced activities using our methodology, speakers, partners, training as certified YL Coach and more from worldclass experts.

Those with passion and time to do more

can also get involved as volunteers for translation, networking, and form Local Units with your booster friends and organize public meetings, or even train as YL Coach and establish Local YL Chapters to cultivate youth leadership in your region with many partners, activate schools, run SDG Challenges and even set up Pilot Regions with us. We also accompany you to realize your dreams.

Get a quick look at all of this. It will be precious for you, some friends or teachers in town!

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