We support young hero*ines in crisis regions and in your town.

Problem #1

Changemakers leading high impact initiatives changing lives and land are celebrated as a source of hope by a global public and institutions, but their solutions are needed for many more people – and few people realize that they need help to achieve their dreams and reach higher.

Problem #2

Youth yearn to change lives and land.

Citizens all over Earth feel a suffering world but lack ways to help in satisfying ways and live their adult roles.

Teachers wish their students to unfold skills shaping their lives, world, future and uplifting their heart in these times.

The Solution

Young hero*ines and coaches nurturing youth leadership in crisis regions are not faceless organizations in funding corsets. They are social entrepreneurs, huggable, eloquent, inspirational – and we can donate, help in-kind. meet, team up – making enormous impact, enriching our lives and professions with purpose and meaning in a magnificent WIN WIN companionship, casual or formal, short- or long-term.


We carefully select

Young Hero*ines

that we know via our work in education for sustainable development with YOUTH-LEADER. We have seen their ventures unfold over years, prove their high impact, pure ethics, professional approach and vivid online posts.

In 2022, we added

Community Organizers

who initiate youth leadership in crisis regions

in response to how inspired they are by our teen hero*ine stories, fresh vision for their nation’s youth and the exciting value of you, schools, companies and celebrities teaming up with them in these world-premiere pilot ventures as a model for others.

100% of your donation goes to Hero*ines
and into Youth Leadership programs


I want to raise 100x more than my own $10€

I want 100s of citizens to join in

Tools & Tricks

Activate Schools & Businesses

Reach Milestones

Visit as Coach

I want to involve my staff and customers

I can teach skills. Can I go volunteer ?


  • Money that is totally unavailable in their country
  • Realize big dreams with ripple effects, e.g. a building
  • Unconditional gifts, no applications, justification, administration
  • Long-term Supporters, e.g. schools
  • Partners from other fields for NEW ideas
  • Uplifting video-meets with people outside crisis regions
  • International flair, greater horizons
  • Appreciation, trust, nourishment
  • Confidence, image of self, e.g. caste, poor, refugees
  • Learning experiences for staff and youth leaders
  • Spin-off peer2peer youth projects
  • Visits, youth-led tours, income
  • Encounters, bonds, helping hands, coaches
  • News presence, respect by state institutions
  • Friendly bonds, bridges, open doors all over the world

    Student Club Namaste Nepal's epic 48 hour day & night sponsor run scores $40,000€ in their town of 34,000 inhabitants

    Imagine 40K in the hands of people in low income regions or a refugee camp.

    Imagine that 10,000 schools in the world to do like them. Go!

    Students, teachers and citizens love it, and the annual Work Visit is a highlight adventure.

    Thousands of schools seek such rich learning culture – what they need are missions and partners.


    Help true  hero*ines

    Quick impact on lives and land

    Daily inspiring positive news

    See success unfold

    Feel your agency


    Where else do you get this chance?

    Video-meet great changemakers

    Hear behind the scenes stories

    Video-meet world experts

    Bring in own ideas

    Pay visits

    Live dreams

    Dream big as a group, school, company

    • team up with hero*ines
    • impact 1,000s of lives
    • shape the future of entire regions

    as global community

    • get support to achieve your goals
    • make friends
    • contribute as online volunteer

    Live your values

    • in the family
    • at school
    • at work

    Activate friends with sense of fun & adventure

    • Donate
    • Philanthro-Party
    • Help-in-kind

    Gamefully, with ease

    • inspire others online
    • activate local schools
    • activate your city

    equipped with stories, posters, digital tools

    Training & Certification
    as YL Coach

    • wielding all our tools
    • for local youth
    • with schools and allies

    Even people making a living on their passion – like arts or sports – doubt that their doing is what the world truly needs right now. 

    The BoostClub easily adds MISSION and VOCATION to your life – at home, school, work, in your profession – with powerful options to turn your wealth and priviledge into enormous human value.

    It’s huge.

    Congratulations to have found us. Now it’s on you what you make of it.



    Lovely Boosters like You

    Caring folks with plenty of talent, resources and relations

    YL Staff + Coaches

    Genius experience, know lots of tricks, stories, partners


    Gentle and badass, such an inspiration!

    Project Partners

    to team up with and become part of ventures shaping entire regions. A crazy grace!

    Caring Professionals

    Business folks, teachers, librarians, journalists, civil society, councillors

    Much power here!


    Rocking Schools

    Each with 1,000s of schools. Bring SDGs to life, team up, activate town

    Online Volunteers

    Write, translate, spread our movem

    LearnSpaces and -Scapes

    Amazing places to visit

    Travel Destinations

    Visit hero*ines for unique experiences and lifelong memories

    What amazing changemakers will you meet?

    What stories will you become part of? Where will you travel?

    Money cannot buy this.


    What sparked the idea, what is the reasoning and how did it come together?

    Our Origin Story - 4 minute read

    As told by Eric. our founder.

    When I learned of thousands of solutions for everything at the Universal World Exposition expo2000, I decided to commit that the people and our young generation at school learn of them and start wielding them to bnring bliss, peace and abundance to their regions.

    My first step was to launch a magazine telling of humanity’s finest solutions, the genius, virtuous souls leading them and add-on immediate action opportunities, tools, speaker contacts and sources of support. 

    As director of YOUTH-LEADER Magazine, I have meet many hero*ines. Knowing and sharing their spirit, I asked essential questions that ordinary journalists do not ask – including : how can we help? How can people help? What do you offer people that wish to do like you in their regions? Are you available as speaker?

    This opened vision, minds and hearts, formed a bond, opened doors. I heard of what happened behind-the-scenes … of animals’ and people’s immense suffering that made them get started and keeps them moving … I heard of how weird adults behave, of how organizations steal ideas, of how foundations betray … but let me emphasize ONE specific issue:

    I saw teen hero*ines’ facebook posts swamped with “what a brilliant young man you are, you give me hope for the future” – but his calls for donations went unanswered.

    I saw a group of spectacular hero*ines’ story, operating in a poor district on pure volunteer energy and daily danger to their lives ripple through all global media with 1 billion page impressions, journalists turning up in numbers that they couldn’t do their daily work – but no one paid, no one added a call for action to the article, and close to zero of the billion readers made the effort to visit their page and make a donation to support their cause.

    Because it’s about more than “telling their story so the world knows of them”. It’s about TANGIBLE stuff – a decent home, food, transportation, computers, internet fees.

    In short, I saw the world feed on them! And not give back. To me, that’s not okay. It’s a sign of a failing society that TAKES and does not GIVE, not even to their very few finest!

    Hence, I decided to change it. 

    I decided to set up a form of support for HERO*INES, while making it super inspiring for supporters, schools and you!


    They lead high impact solutions, exactly what the world needs, and this stuff has to get scaled and replicated at record pace.

    There is no money from foundations or governments for such flexible, organically evolving social entrepreneurial activities, especially in low income regions. Also, funding would come with strict business plans and suffocate spirit and flexibility to respond to arising opportunities and needs. Remember: this is precisely what makes these awesome, impactful and attractive as Project Partners for you, schools and companies. Hence, it is on the global caring citizenry to fund their initiatives to go bigger.

    • They operate at minimal cost or as volunteers with maximum efficiency.
    • They have succeeded without support, and with support they can even go bigger.
    • They have proven themselves for years, their ethical values are not going to dim.

    They are today’s Einsteins, Gandhis and Gryffindores, and this is no romantic exaggeration. But they are not ordinary people. They don’t only have clever minds. They have HEARTS bigger than y/ours, because they have the HEART to priorize doing good for others, and even #fulltimeforfuture and without need of salary. This is true hero*ine stuff, they truly live the seven Cardinal Virtues, while the rest of society does not, and since this is entirely a matter of spirit – this is saintly. Not in the boring sense. But in the awesome Lord of The Rings and Harry Potter sense. 

    Only when their quests are achieved will they be able to sit down in peace. And their quest is not only about their region. They know that their solution is needed all over Earth. Their Hearts and Vision are this big. Hence, when you act to replicate their solution elsewhere, you contribute to their quest and make their Heart sing.

    • When they see schools – this means youth en masse – truly with verve take action, also in their home region – they start seeing their vision for the world become true.
    • Also, it is not only about their own initiatives. When they hear that inspired by their story you or schools do massive things for people and planet, it warms their Heart,
    • This is truly giving back to them and strengthening them. This means GVIING them a bonus that they don’t even dream of. 
    • And GIFTING them something unexpected – even enabling them to LIVE DREAMS is what they truly deserve from us humanity.

    Oh, what beaaauuuutiful moments this creates! 

    Hence, in our speaker programs for schools, as well as in the Boost Club we encourage Boosters to FEEL the Hero*ines’ LOVE, to feel what drives them, and how challenging this can be and how nourishing it is for their kind – i repeat: they get very little tangible support from the world!!! – to receive unexpected funds and resources … which can be in-kind, such as travel, canoeing trips, lovely sweets … LIVING DREAMS. Get creative!


    TO HELP ACHIEVE to realize our good dreams for people and planet, I decided to focus on those most willing to get involved … also because they FEEL RICH BENEFIT for their personal and professional lives … for example in spaces where conventional activities do not live up to their own values and standards of what education and business and citizenship are to deliver for a world in need today: 

    • schools – that’s clear
    • the workplace – to add purpose, have fun with co-workers, customers, audiences
    • also professionals – via linkedin – because they want to see the world to function better, like challenges, have resources and relations

    Of course, there was need to explain what makes the BOOST CLUB precious to them.

    I detected and formulated the novel HIGHLIGHTS in “cooperation with hero*ines that are passionate, communicative, inspirational, independent, creative and flexible”, such as

    • weekly vivid social media posts
    • inspirational speakers
    • visible impact on lives and land
    • driven by #fulltimeforfuture volunteer spirit
    • responsive to opportunities
    • responsive to ideas
    • can get visited as traveller, group, volunteer, coach 

    This is veeery different from global aid programs, organizations working on stiff funding corsets and office staff that only participate in doing good as long as they get paid.

    We offer the spirit that makes HERO*INES, what people call a ROLE MODEL for youth. 

    This is what makes the BOOSTCLUB an entirely NEW EXCITING OPPORTUNITY for citizens, for youth, for schools, for companies, for journalists, even for cities and for those seeking to LIVE SDGs IN ACTION!

    But if we had only 1 or 3 project partners, we would not be able to offer this.

    OUR SUCCESS MODEL includes:

    • we support many changemakers, for diversity of causes
    • we define milestones for practical goals, fun and reason of celebration
    • we show them all on a collective channel for better supporter involvement
    • we tell their unfolding adventures in YOUTH-LEADER Magazine
    • we promote them as speakers in education, for events
    • we support inspired grups of youth and citizens with tools and tricks
    • we support with community to work together
    • we offer coaching, certification and status

    This is what – IN OUR BUSY LIVES – helps everybody stay involved in MAKING IMPACT as

    • we stay connected, informed, inspired and involved daily
    • we have plenty of swift opportunities, in particular : sharing with others
    • a little bit, online, or a lot, by engaging onsite communities and teaming up with global changemakers and supporters for specific projects and milestones



    You give money – this has been earned by giving lifetime. While hero*ines give lifetime to projects, you live in a different environment that does not allow you to do so, but still …. you give lifetime, in form of money! Hence, you deserve to gain a strong dose of gratitude, light and uplifting energy back … which we provide through unique, exciting, enlightening social media impact posts AND video-meetings AND opportunity to become part of stories and perceive oneself as changemaker AND to pay visits and LIVE DREAMS. 

    Also, since you care for the world

    • your spirit suffers from the negativity in the world
    • you wish the best for your kids
    • for your students and citizens

    Hence, we provide inspiring feeing of agency, impact and stories and action opportnities to share with them, and thereby to unfold your changemaker skills. Big time, actually! 

    In fact, when you think of the cost of a pizza, a movie night or wellness week-end, the WAVE OF UPLIFTMENT that you receive back for your donated dollars and euros, for your minutes of sharing and telling others more than makes up for it, And we GIVE you this on purpose. Because as one of the FEW that have the HEART to GIVE you deserve it. Your donation shall be like a SEED growing into a plant with many seeds … tangibly on site and intangibly for you, in form of multiple inspiration and gooood feelings. 

    Imagine that we make this experience happen for thousands of youth and citrizens in town.

    Wouldn’t that be awesome? We can. We have the tools and tricks to do so. We just follow the example of teen charity champs and wildly successful student clubs. It’s simple.

    Soon, supporters ask “… what about our local youth? We need them to unfold their hero*ine powers, too!” 

    Hence, we also BOOST those that initiate YOUTH LEADERSHIP, that is to enable youth to self-organze projects changing lives and land

    1. in crisis regions where adult generations have long failed to give kids, girls and youth a life of peace, joy, abundance and opportunity
    2. in YOUR home region, with plenty of media, methods and support. EXCITING!

    Fact is, this multi-faceted model that is COMMON SENSE and VERY SIMPLE to use, since it only involves what people already do … donate, social media updates, video-meets, school speakers, voluntravel … in a new combination becomes possible ONLY via the planetary YOUTH-LEADER community grown over 22 years, with a strict quality filter. Let me explain.

    1. The rare species of #fulltimeforfuture high impact changemakers.
    2. The “everybody’s favorite teacher” type of person.
    3. We know and have magic to be super inspirational.
    4. We can make it fit for use in education; a sector reaching a billion youth daily for free.
    5. We are positive change journalists with youtuber bubbliness.
    6. We know of youth leadership – most adult NGOs have zero clue of this enormous phenomenon of teen hero*ines changing lives, land, learning, laws and industries, with action clubs at over 22,000 schools; and those who do don’t understand the 5 essentils required to spark and evolve it, or do not offer the necessary materials (many diverse role model stories, speakers, coaches, project partners, learnspaces…)
    7. We known how to spark and evolve it with gameful sense of fun, magic and adventure, with plenty of benefits for everyone involved.



    So, to round this off… we can summarize that the solutions, hero*ines, tools, tricks and support networks exist. And now, the people know. YOU KNOW. You can evoke massive changes to lives and land from today. The future of many places on Earth, including your own region’s is in your hands now.

    It is on the PEOPLE (YOU) to decide if you want positive change to happen. If yes, they donate and help in-kind and use tricks to get more people involved. If PEOPLE (YOU) decide for other priorities and to NOT to evoke this positive change, it will not happen; then suffering will continue. Yes. FOR REAL. Welcome to the Adventure.   

    This, dear budding hero*ine, is what it means to no longer be a minion of monarchy, a moron of fascism, an incompetent impotent consumer voter, leaving a destructive footprint on Earth. This is what it means for individual People To Have The Power, to be an Able Active Caring Citizen and to make a formidable HANDPRINT on Earth with the creative forces bestowed upon you by the Living Universe. So stop being boring.



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