Amazing Perks

WE NEED THIS. Read with attention. People are ready to give, but many MORE are willing to play lucky lottery if there’s an epic PRIZE to win. This need not be money or material. In fact, MOST of those are BORING, except …

TREATS are neat. Extras. Like a $500 coupon for flowers. A pound of raw chocolate. Of superfood. An acro yoga course.

ART is interesting, such as epic e-books, signed manga artwork, shirts by epic folks.

OUTERWORLDLY STUFF like stuff worn in a Matrix production, a round filled with Lemmy’s ash, OMG. An album handsigned and kissed by AURORA. A touch by the Goddess.

FASHION, like really classy or organic stuff that’s good for years. Nice. Custom cowboy boots? For special legends.

VERY INTERESTING are personal video-meets with CELEBRITIES. Or coffee with a celeb. Or a helicopter flight.
Or a cruise on a yacht. Or a horse riding day. Or a 1 week horse riding journey. Or a holiday in a villa > MAGICAL MOMENTS. By gifting one’s TIME.

Global Crowdfunding 

benefits of Amazing Perks.

Local Crowdfunding 

benefits of Amazing Perks, e.g. at school and town fests.

Local Youth Action

benefits of Amazing Perks, e.g. for awesome youth and student projects.

MAGICAL MOMENTS are the most interesting for youth.

You can gain many from MAGICAL COACHES. Have a look around. 

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