Sumaili formed the girls crew in 2019 to improve food supply through permaculture and to reduce catastrophic sexual violence against girls, to better education for girls, open vision and doors to get out of there.

The pain is considerable, the needs diverse, their courage huge, and potentials even bigger !!

Equipped with nothing but a phone they trained in permaculture, acquired permission to use lands, composed songs on permaculture, water and peace, produced music videos, gained funding for a building … and since Sumaili and Eric met in December 2021, they got the girls and partners together and planned to create A WORLD-PREMIERE YOUTH-LED PILOT MODEL to get replicated in their own enormous camp and others:

The world-premiere GOOD NEWS from a refugee camp powered by youth ~ or have you ever heard of one?

A multiplex Youth Leadership LearnSpace

  • with news room, tailor training, beauty shop, magical kid & youth library, permaculture
  • running campaigns to end girl violence, improve nutrition, access to schooling (end a taboo)
  • connected with global experts and schools
  • co-learning with LearnSpaces in 5+ African countries
  • telling their unfolding story in YL Magazine Africa

creating a vivid, timely, important story for journalists to tell and to involve their audiences


+ Ready to connect with global schools

  • for a powerful learning experience on this urgent global issue
  • shaping appropriate worldview on refugee situations
  • with ample opportunity to make rapid positive changes with ripple effects in this camp and others

as an outstanding opportunity to live Sustainability in Action … and to even pay visits!

10+ intriguing milestones for YOU 🙂

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