Adults’ daily hangout. And it can be more awesome. Let’s make it!

With many potentials. Let’s activate them!

You’ll be surprised how many untapped potentials for boosting hero*ines and local youth leadership exist in your environment. We’ll show you. This is very exciting, since many of us feel there is considerable room for more spirit, purpose, meaning, fun, creativity and teamplay during 8 hour workdays …

  • be it in cafes, bakeries, doctors cabinates, music clubs, car sellers or Fortune 500 Companies

There’s so many options that we create an evolving collection of fun 3 minute tutorial videos that we release on a rolling basis on youtube, our social media and Buy Me A Coffee community stream. Your feedback, involvement and experience reports are welcome and wanted to share with fellow Boosters and our news!

To serve you best we offer tips for 3 spheres.


Cafes, boutiques, waiting rooms, bakeries, stores … where there’s customer flow, we can give people opportunity to do good, have uplifting conversations …

Office workers can inspire their days, tea breaks and canteen times with donation drives for hero*ines the month, poster exhibits, UN Day focus, team up to reach milestones …


have big vision, thinking skills, like to upgrade society, peace, enjoyable public space, creative challenges, sustainable impact, ripple effects … know how to collaborate and communicate, have resourceful companies, friends, Linked In contacts.

They donate, help in-kind, sponsor, organize galas, events in public space, call out challenges, task trainees to see projects through, do field visits – aligned with workplace and team spirit.

They have employees with families with children who are students at schools… 

We do a daily 2 minute Linked In show for you

We think there’s enourmous potentials if we unite good hearted folks in business, companies, organizations for concrete target-oriented projects

Key Professionals

share our core purpose to enable Able Active Caring Citizens with special focus on the young generation

Teachers + Public Librarians + Journalists + Town Councillors + Civil Society

They have unique superpowers to boost youth leadership and enjoy win-win benefit to achieve their professional aspirations and societal purpose.

Do you have friends in these fields? Of course. There’s 1,000s of employees and (key) professionals around you … study these 1-3 min tutorials and you know how to activate them, gift them opportunities and win-win benefits! Yay!

Equipped with ace partners, stories and tools a world of opportunities opens up.

  • flyers, lunchbreak donation drive, involving customers, waiting room exhibits, 5% for hero*ines, Philanthro-Parties, in-kind article and adspace, using newsletters, team building visits to hero*ines abroad, tasking trainees and staff to tackle a local challenge, adopt a school, mentor local youth and see projects through … sounds like fun, huh?

Which tools and tricks fit your spaces?
How will people respond?

Your Heart knows what needs to be done – the rest is an enormous field of surprise. You have a whole year ahead to use diverse tricks.

You can approach it like a game. We do! No need for pressure for results. We cannot force people. We make them a Gift to live their Heart’s dreams. Everything else is up to them. 

If you enjoy, add magic like Lulu does, (we do!) in your way, to boost response 🙂 

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