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YL Speakers are unique.

They speak from the Heart,

unlike animators or experts rattling down powerpoints pepped with rhetoric to make it less boring and more memorable, because they do not turn their knowledge into action impacting people and planet.

They have embodied experience

from living it for years, starting from scratch fueled with fierce love for people and planet, practical vision and determination to manifest it step by step at ever greater scale. The success and magical moments boost their know-how, strength and are the source of their many touching anecdotes and real-life plot.

There is no need for rhetoric tricks to make-up fabricated speeches. They can freestyle at any time, tuned to their audience. They are 100% authentic.

What makes hero*ines so inspirational?

They masterfully embody Changemaker Spirit. What differs hero*ines from ordinary passive citizens, workers and voters is their inner alchemy, fueled by love, evolved from experience. They practice knowledge transfer, but also spirit transfer.

There is virtuous spirit in all of us.

Our Inner Hero*ine is activated by conscious and subconscious perception of hero*ine spirit. This is fact. It is the science behind learning from role models.

80% of human behavior is shaped by role model, much of it subconsciously, and it also works via media. They are our biggest asset in phases of Transformational Learning. We all know it from learning a sport, music, motherhood, starting a new enterprise.

Our encounter activates the Hero*ine Key on our Inner Piano.

We offer immediate action opportunity

  • with swift simple steps
  • with direct impact
  • with rapid results
  • with vivid documentation to provide you experience of agency

with options for self-organized follow-up

  • as individual, group, student club
  • for the speaker’s initiative
  • supporting your own ideas
  • also for local causes

as part of the global YL community of lovely people like you – changemakers, coaches, experts.


we provide materials for preparation and pre-encounter action to give more time for storytelling, open conversation, celebration of common achievements, sharing your own experience and plan what’s next

we can tune to

  • use at school, to subjects, setting, challenges, potentials
  • SDGs to Live SDGs in Action
  • companies, media, celebrities

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