care and have unique SUPERPOWERS

  • number of staff and employees
  • access to customers
  • access to fellow entrepreneurs
  • spaces
  • resources and capital

and experience with

  • thinking big
  • setting goals
  • moving step by step
  • involving partners
  • communication with the public

largely untapped for young changemakers and youth leadership.

can help 

  • to add purpose for staff
  • to add purpose for customers
  • in Philanthro-Parties

and to scale up 

  • sharing the call on internal and external newsletters
  • also for parents and their children, and their schools
  • also for book and games drives
  • organizing an activity like a sponsor run or fest
  • vividly documenting it and sharing with news media

and to pay visits

  • for fun
  • as team building event
  • to deliver services


can help

  • by offering space for flyers, table flyers, poster exhibits
  • by tasking staff and trainees to take on campaigns, projects and achieve goals
  • by offering perks like free canoeing tours, yoga sessions, yummy goodies …
  • by gifting services like design, translation, engineering
  • by gifting free printing of books, posters, flyers, shirts 
  • by coaching skills, such as article writing, photography …

many of which can also get used to boost LOCAL YOUTH LEADERSHIP

Siltronic staff participates in the epic 48 hour sponsor run organized by Namaste Nepal school student club.
They get honored with the golden shoe for “best performing company”. 

Also Siltronic office staff in Singapore, Portland, Burghausen, Munich, Shanghai and Tokyo participated.

Passion for doing good can ripple far in companies. Also to customers, newsletter readers, galas and Xmas fests.

Neat entrepreneurial creative tweak : Siltronic added nordic walking, cycling, swimming and hiking to sponsored disciplines.

For local Youth Leadership

business and entrepreneurs can make relevant contributions to

    with poster exhibits, combined with activities
    for a presentation
    like a book, games and LEGO drive
    via news channels and relations in city and news media, also to other businesses
    like rewards or prizes for “most awesome” contributions – this can also be a raffle

with relevant impact for people and planet.

… are a role model in verve and determination

  • to realize one’s dream
  • in lifestyle and focus
  • with stories and relations

THAT ENJOY TO CONTRIBUTE  more than money and stuff.

They like to contribute ideas, contacts and support on demand … and to observe the adventure evolve.


unfold their powers … as they remember their own early days, and enjoy watching kids do so earlier than they did, on brighter causes, with bigger results and reach … outperforming them, without being competition

… suddenly being relevant for youth, education, and evolution of society in unexpected ways.

… are a valuable ally


  • to fellow entrepreneurs
  • wealth holders
  • decision-makers in politics
  • media makers
  • high performers in sports, arts etc.

with golf clubs, yachts, chateaus, holiday lodges, money, horse ranches, workforces, staff, media, airlines

  • for workshops, summer camps, excursions, field trips

for Youth Teams, YL Coaches, hero*ines… and your local Boost Club Unit to celebrate your good deeds and plan what’s next.

Making products and money is easy

How about challenging yourself with changing lives and land

by wielding your full scope of creative powers?

The main point is not to wait for national government to pay someone to fix things

or to stay stuck in 19th Century quasi monarchist  stockmarket servitude.

Let’s wield that entrepreneur spirit.

The kids succeed. One can be childish.

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