We are a Crowdfunding platform Comunity; that means lovely people caring for hero*ines and empowering youth. Each with many skills, resources and relations. When we meet, chat and dream, GOOD STUFF HAPPENS!

Lovely Boosters like You

Caring folks with plenty of talent, resources and relations

YL Staff + Coaches

Genius experience, know lots of tricks, stories, partners


Gentle and badass, such an inspiration!

Project Partners

to team up with and become part of ventures shaping entire regions. A crazy grace!

Caring Professionals

Business folks, teachers, librarians, journalists, civil society, councillors

Much power here!


Rocking Schools

Each with 1,000s of schools. Bring SDGs to life, team up, activate town

Online Volunteers

Write, translate, spread our movem

LearnSpaces and -Scapes

Amazing places to visit

Travel Destinations

Visit hero*ines for unique experiences and lifelong memories


We hangout, share ideas, plan, create, succeed, celebrate, become friends. We form country and local groups. We throw Philanthro-Parties and upgrade school and town fests. We organize group travel to our changemaker friends.

It’s magical.

What will you do?

What Changemakers will you visit?

Money cannot buy this.

I can follow on social media.

WHY also JOIN the community ?

True. After all, most online communities do NOT WORK to make positive change.

The community is for those that enjoy to take advanced action.

Here's how we have more FUN, more IMPACT

Everybody in BoostClub is precious.

  • Most members check daily posts, make a donation, share with friends, on linkedin, do a Birthday Fundraiser once a year etc. and that adds up to epic impact
  • Some members take TIME and are on fire to make this their SPORT, they want to dig deeper, reach milestones, team up with changemakers, activate local youth

The community is mostly for the latter.

Think of the common experience:

We see posts pop up on instagram – new hero*ines, milestones, progress updates, success news, supporters doing FUNdraisers, video-meetings etc.

  • As we comment, we meet people sharing the same LOVE and PASSION. As we see specific causes appear, like horseriding, or self-defense, and emergencies, like a rapid treatment in rural Africa – we feel the urge to help, unite our forces and resources; in THIS moment, it is useful to communicate. Comment sections and messengers are not helpful for this. 
  • As we comment, make friends, we get ideas for “let’s do this and that”; in THIS moment, it is useful to FORM GROUPS and gain more members.
  • As some of us get more engaged, we like to browse who else is here, see their “Change The World” specific skills, resources, relations, in what country and city; which leads to new actions! In THESE moments, a community platform is super useful.

When you like to ORGANIZE ACTION, the COMMUNITY is necessary.

  • Online Volunteers like to help with translations, articles etc.
  • Some members get the idea to CREATE A FILM on a changemaker.
  • Some decide to organize a VISIT to a changemaker.

We like to enable SELF-ORGANIZATION

  • without everything to go via YL Staff,
  • because this is how we enable diverse positive action.

To make sure it doesn’t become crazy wild, we keep a frame of a limited number of Project Partners, provide tutorials, online courses and YL Coach training, transparently post updates in the community news section, responsibly ask YL Staff / Coaches for green light …  

Here is how common platforms do not fit well 

  • facebook is too distractive with ads, private friends, toxic stuff etc
  • instagram is great for our updates, but useless for interaction
  • twitter, no
  • betterplace, only german, not community friendly
  • patreon, too clunky
  • discord, too minimalist techy
  • whatsapp, no
  • telegram, no
  • project development platforms; too formal
  • others – costly

Hence, we have created this BOOSTCLUB community platform

  • using wordpress with buddypress + youzify
  • simple
  • usable
  • pretty
  • clear

Let’s make it the BEST it can be together!

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