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Managers and employees are human beings that care for good of people and planet – far away and locally. They are also parents. They have children. Together they are families – sounds stupid, but Family Activities are different from kids play and … really cool ones are kinda rare … we got some! Their children attend school – and school can be more awesome. Summed up, staff and employees have very dear personal dreams – for their kids at home and at school, and a company that makes gifts to their employees to have great family lives, experience personal fulfilment is a better company. We can add diverse value to company newsletters … which leads to further human encounters like canteen exhibits and FUNdraisers, Philanthro-Fests, group travel … 

For distant recipients

Call for collective donations, to reach milestones; such as rooms of the Red Brigade Academy, or the whole academy, or help as engineer …

Book, games, LEGO drives, invitation to help in-kind with staff’s, spouses and friends’ resources and relations.

For local employees and their families

Free gifts like the digital FREE Story Set for download, or books.

Philanthro-Party Fests, Family Activities, workshops like sourcing colors from plants (sevengardens), planting a garden, a Great Garden Campout on company grounds (in support of Abbie), a hike with animals (in support of Siarah) … 

For employees’ families’ children’s schools

Means to make daily life at school more awesome, to add purpose, meaning, action, friendship, a changemaker student club and community experience

… offering LearnSpace Packs, presentations, crash course (by YL Coaches), an SDG Challenge > an Adopt A School program

… potentially leading to collaboration between company and schools to team up with their superpowers > in response to students’ passion, ideas, and activities.

100% Fair Fashion

sourced from our Project Partner Kalima Design

  • pure organic cotton picked on small village fields
  • dyed with 100% organic plant colors
  • traditional stamp-made
  • small tailor families

and from youth crews learning to make an income in challenging places.

Group Travel

to hero*ines they love and support

  • as company trip
  • as family travel
  • as work visit
  • as volunteers
  • as coaches

potentially aligned with their professional focus, such as 

  • self-defense programs > visit India’s Red Brigade
  • student- and project-oriented learning > John’s school in Uganda, Babar’s school in India
  • organic permaculture and agroforestry > Luwayo’s Permaculture Paradise Institute family farm in Malawi
  • children and youth art and theatre > Skhumbuzo’s Youth Leadership LearnSpace Community Centre and Vincent, South Africa
  • marine biology > dive with sharks with Ocean, Hawaii
  • early child education > street and poor children learning centre, Bal Manch, India
  • holistic landscaping, ecosystem restoration > Mary’s ARKland, Ireland
  • 100% Fair Fashion > Kalima Design, India; cotton, plant colors, traditional stampmakers, small tailors

That’s a lot of beauty on newsletters.

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