In his function of president of freshly forming RCE Berlin, aspiring to get official status with the UNU-IAS program, Eric spent some good time with fellow sustainability education professionals from all over the world and United Nations University on this 3 day online conference hosted by RCE Scotland. In terms of youth leadership, there have been particularly interesting sessions on nature education and a world without mining that Eric will share more about in YL media. An impression of the quality of data:

The electric society currently promoted as green and sustainable to protect life on Earth requires, according to projections and plans of the planet’s corporations and governments

  • 15 x more mining that currently happening
  • over the next 40 years as much metal extraction as over the past 7,000 years
  • and scratching off the ocean floor

which destroys

  • countless ecosystems
  • the ocean food chain


  • creates gigantic poisonous plumes of dust in the entire ocean
  • killing off fish populations at unimaginable scale

and, this is the most appealing to big dirty industry

  • entirely out of sight of the public
  • entirely uncontrollable by agencies or civil society

There’s your “electric car society”. Very intelligent and caring.

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