Welcome to the BOOST CLUB which is made to enrich your daily life with positivity, passion, purpose and poppy sense of personal power to change lives and land – FOR REAL – and lead a life in the company of hero*ines and lovely people with The Heart to Do Good.

Here, both changemakers and supporters become equally important part of bringing big changes – and magic – to regions, and we will JUBILATE TOGETEHR as we see planning, progress and success happen *LIVE*.

View what Life with the BOOST CLUB feels like:

1st of all: Uplifting Posts on Social Media

Hero*ines, projects, milestones, progress updates, success, milestones achieved, what’s next, dates for video-meetings … this is already more positivity than most of us experience in media 🙂 

On top comes all the interaction!


Amaaazing changemakers with 100+ high impact milestones, feasible to achieve with friends. You know exactly what you support – and swiftly see results pop up on social media. Yay! You’ll also know that YOU made their story’s next chapter possible. It’s an amazing realization that you’ll never forget. Give it a try!

Help In-Kind

Media articles, sending tools are common examples. In EUROPE, you can also make connections with schools, organize exhibits, grant space for workshops, holiday lodges, hotel rooms, villas, trailers for “YL Coach in Residence” stays, share a VAN for our European Tour and more. 


Meet changemakers FOR REAL – not on a podium with a fabricated TED Talk, but to celebrate  achievements, with open conversation, Q&A, behind the scenes secrets! They LOVE saying thanks, since your GIFT – even seemingly tiny amounts –  unlocks their “unreachable” dreams. Get inspired by their force of spirit, the learning, the stories, planning what’s next, inviting YOUR IDEAS.

*** Fantastic for schools, companies and events ***

Activate Friends, School, Work, Citizenry …

like teen hero*ines do – using tools, tricks and support from YL staff, coaches and our community. Would you love to contribute $1,000 or 10,000€? Yeees!

Teens do it, you can too, using our digital posts + posters + tips for Philanthro-Parties at birthdays, water, school and town fests with a dose of fun, magic and adventure.

Team up

Appetite for a longer relationship and experience? Pick your favorite cause and hero*ine, move mountains, reach big milestones, impact thousands of lives and literally shape the future of an entire region!

*** Awesome for schools – to study the topic, build bonds, mobilize the citizenry, make friends, even pay visits – also great for groups, companies or cities ***

Pay Visits

“Aw, I would looove to visit them!” You can! ONLY WITH BLOOSTCLUB 😉

Many of our hero*ines welcome your friendly visit – as traveller, family, group, volunteer or coach. Coming a friends, we enjoy a unique immersion in their program, daily activities and local communities.

*** Great for school work visits as highlight of year-round commitment ***

Boost Local Youth

“What about our local youth? They also need to unfold their hero*ine powers!”

… you’ll soon say, and you have all our support. Use this world’s BEST program for Living SDGs in Edu-Action, our flyers, tell your local schools, do presentations, exhibits and video-meets with our Project Partners, tell your Boss Club tales, with action and follow-up as student club. Plus, in town, use exhibits and involve allies to create an Enabling Environment in town. We are with you.

Online Volunteer

Be part of something greater and help take our work to a greater audience.

As writer, translator, editor, web editor and other, you can co-create BoostClub and associated programs like We have worked with 4,000 online volunteers from seventy countries and we all enjoyed the experience.

(Self) Train + become certified YL Coach

Discover the fascinating youth leadership phenomenon, the power of changemaker student clubs, essential steps to activate local youth to self-organize projects changing lives, land, learning, laws and industries, set up HQs and LearnSpaces … equipped with our global ecosystem of media, methods and partners.   

*** You become young people’s best friend! ***

Where do you get this? ONLY HERE 🙂

Plus – the Community

with lovely people with many talents, resources and relations.

Just think of your friends and aquaintances’ professional skills, resources, relations and spaces; and of many people in town that love doing good for youth. Now imagine this globally!

These huge potentials are idling in people’s busy lives. What they need is simple, enjoyable opportunities to do good – with precise MISSIONS and swift, uplifting RESULTS. You have plenty of that!


on our social media AND in the community, meet lovely people and surprise connections.


Share the word, put up posters, gather friends, throw Philanthro-Parties … at work and schools, farmer markets, town fests!

If you are the talkative type, this is for you!

You can also form a Local Unit with marker on our LearnPlanet Map.


The UPLIFTMENT in our social media posts are certainly FOR EVERYBODY in these heavy times.

But also advanced involvement is for MOST OF US. Check these out.

Think of daily news on politics, nature, violence – oh horrors…

  • What are your dreams, urges?
  • What are your frustrations with your role and lack of impact?
  • How do you feel about your performance as adult for the young generation?
  • And for people in crisis regions? Do you even dare think about it?
  • Are you short on time?
  • Do you lack tools, partners, help on demand, like-hearted community?

If you say yes to … you are in the right place. We design this community with you in mind to help you live all your GOOD aspirations! And big time!

Us, that’s hero*ines and world experts that know that hero*ines need support and can reach big milestones, make big impact if they just got some support which is simply not available in their home regions.

This is often financial, but funds can also get raised by spreading news, reach, and there’s in-kind ways to help – especially for activating regional youth leadership and equipping youth and schools with today’s Gandhis and Gryffindores.

DOES THIS GLOBAL ACTION feel good to you?

  • global action gallery or big pic

DOES THIS LOCAL ACTION feel good to you?

  • local action gallery or big pic

With us, you can experience it daily, weekly, all year round and you pick your way of interacting with

Does this feel like it enriches your daily life and feelgood mode?

  • enjoy daily uplifting news on hero*ines and progress
  • swift, simple action opportunities
  • tools and tricks to activate friends, workplace, schools and city
  • video-meets with hero*ines
  • exchange with changemakers, coaches and caring citizens like you?

That is our life with the Boost Club and other YOUTH-LEADER programs.

  • Are you aware of your powers in boosting hero*ines’ initiatives?
  • Do you feel close to today’s Gandhis and Gryffindores?
  • Do you feel able to equip local youth with means to make huge changes to lives and land?
  • Dou you feel able to activate schools to rock big projects?
  • Do you experience making positive change as easy, fun, inspirational and living dreams?

If you answer “not so much…” you are in the right place, because we also offer you that.

What if all local schools joined this program? What if all youth grew up like this? what if fired up youth teams set up stands and run activities in town and region? Wouldn’t that be lovely?

For this, we need to get the message out, and help a little.

With us, you can bring thse possibilities to your local neighborhoods and even form international partnerships between your city.

You can casually seed our flyers, or formally (self)train as YL Coach, get a formal training, get certified, zteam up for programs and even call a group of YL Coaches and hero*ines into town! YES!

Whether you casually follow stories, enjoy, share and contribute on occasion, or engage daily, weekl,y donate raise FUNds, pay visits, translate for us or develop our community with us … EACH MATTERS.

Because making this experience will boost your heart and vision so much that it will ripple through your life and community as you meet other people. So sign up and enjoy the experience.

The Now and Future are what we make of it together.

With YOUTH-LEADER’s BoostClub, you have all you need to make big changes fast and fun.

We also have a powerful program for youth – #BEMOREAWESOME – which is even more powerful since youth can truly make changemaking their #fulltimeforfuture sport. By sharing our info with schools, you make it available to local youth.

Altogether, this makes a unique community experience in shaping a good world, lives and the future of entire regions 

  • diverse causes, hero*ines and regions
  • select favorite reach milestones
  • see success unfold online auf instagram, im magazin
  • video meetings
  • activate friends, work, school, city
  • pay visits
  • bring in own ideas
  • connect with like-hearted folks
  • = enjoy the community experience
  • co-shape the movement

You don’t find this anywhere else.

You can just follow weekly uplifting posts – or do all of it.

As you enjoy and fits your life.

So, honestly, we think, the BOOST CLUB is for you 🙂

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