Living one’s values, adding up superpowers and relations


are our daily home. Establish presence of hero*ine spirit here and early and add activities … and you naturally and gamefully unfold your hero*ine powers together. It’s all parents’ and children’s dream to live their values, develop skills, true friendships, make school days awesome and open global doors of opportunity. GO AHEAD, there’s myriads of opportunities in the YL Universe to discover as walk. Start simple. It’s magic from day #1.

Parents’ roles are simple like accompanying kids to action space XYZ. You can do that while meditating.

HOME: A place to learn at ease with cookies and X hours from pyjama morning to pyjama nights

A place for parties and lively photo shoots

A place to test games for school and town fests

A garden and roadside to plant

A garden to harvest and experiment

A place to prepare projects and store stuff

A headquarter to invite friends

A place to prepare bake- and lemonaid sales

A place to produce and add beauty to raised goods with patience and good music

A studio to work from

A place to invite adult allies and professionals


Home. The perfect Headquarter & Studio

9 year old Coral studies at home

She produces her youtube show on yukky ingredients in popular foods

She designs her “stage”, book and protest signs on the living room floor. 

12 year old Craig Kielburger hosted Free The Children team meetings at home, quickly growing into the  world’s biggest movement of children helping children, today with teams at 16,000 schools.

16 year old Cameron Kasky gathered with his friends on his living room floor to organize the March For Our Lives – 4 weeks later happened the 4th biggest protest in US history.

Kids do this. You can do it.

All kids’ daily Hangout. School.

Children go to SCHOOL, all young people’s daily hangout and most will agree it’s boring and for sure needs to be more awesome,

and they have at least 3 teachers as Key Professional allies that would love to see

  • global issues come to life
  • active students self-organize activities
  • students act as role models and mentors to their peers
  • with relevant impact on people and planet
  • with visibility in media and public spaces
  • sending ripple effects across the community 

This is where they can make life more awesome, activate others, set up stands, involve hundreds, generate enormous impact and shape their positive worldview.

  • As student, you are the secret agent and leader at school
  • As parent, you can connect with teachers, the parent council, give presentations, help on demand, with school fests and more

We have all the educational language, flyers, teaching tools and partners for YOU and for teachers. EASY. Just pass on the flyer.

Children have FRIENDS that share their values and sense of fun and adventure.

Children’s friends have PARENTS that share their values and sense for purposeful FAMILY ACTIVITIES that inspire both children and parents form a bond.

All Adults’ daily hangout. The Workplace.

Parents have WORKPLACES, all adults’ daily hangout, with some co-workers, staff and bosses, many of which agree it is boring or at least can be way more awesome.

Many would love to do good for people and planet, and add purpose to their work – once they get opportunity – that you can provide, by word of mouth, calendars, flyers, poster exhibits, stands, Philanthro-Parties, by using intersections with customers, such as counters, tables, newsletters, walls to pass on the inspirational message.

Parents have FRIENDS

that have workplaces, companies, talents, spaces, resources, relations … that you can involve with

  • Philanthro-Parties
  • birthdays
  • challenges,
  • by passing on tools and tricks

and they have CHILDREN that go to SCHOOL. 

You can easily inform, inspire and involve 10s and 100s in town, simply taking it step by step with our tools and tricks.

As your scope of activities grows and they get to feel the fun, they will join more and more.

But don’t worry about that. JUST LIVE YOUR VALUES! Focus on on yourself and ENJOY! Everybody else is BONUS.

You can easily inform, inspire and involve 10s and 100s in town, simply taking it step by step with our tools and tricks. As your scope of activities grows and they get to feel the fun, they will join in. But don’t worry about that. Just focus on yourself.

SIMPLY LIVE YOUR VALUES! Everybody else is surprise BONUS. ENJOY!


Imagine what you can evoke together in 1 year. Wow.

This also goes beyond the home and school:

Take action in the community – in public, take photos and share with news media.

Engage in Family Activities – also with friends, parties, school and town fests, workshops.

Your Holidays near and far away turn into adventures and lifelong memories. 

Will you play this game together?

What an amazing way to grow up.

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