The first gardens are thriving and the team is happy to see their effort yield results.

Remember: these are teenage girls and boys age 13 to 20.

While it might be normal that they help out on the family farm – IF they still could live a peaceful life with a home like humans have a natural birthright to on planet Earth – it is still unusual of the ones setting up farms are ONLY the youth, because in a refugee camp nothing is normal.

Remember also why they do this:

  1. because rations are poor … imagine living on 4 kilos of rice + 4 kilos of flour + 1 litre of ol per month – each month of the year – each year that you are stuck in this camp … Sumaili has lived here for 11 years… since age 9. And where can he go , unless we build open bridges for a good future, together?
  2. because many girls are barred from going to school ( a clear violation of children, human and citizen rights – and duties) but here the
  • moral
  • national
  • global

rule of law is practically suspended

and there is quasi no investigation and no persecution of repeat child rape … so what do you expect about something “less grave” like bans on getting an education (to liberate oneself from poverty and violent rapist husbands) and malnutrition?

Now that the girls have proven themselves

  • to themselves
  • to program initiator Sumaili
  • to adults in camp
  • to the world
  • to us
  • to you

let’s get doing for their liberation and shattering the wall to well-being, joy, learning, vision and abundance!


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