Flea & Farmers Markets

Think Philanthro-Party style : “combine doing good with what you are doing anyway, like grocery shopping”.

Another spot with 1,000s of people, nice backdrop, an OCCASION to invite people and families to take some saturday and sunday time off for a walk, have an ice-cream and get cookies and chat at YOUR OPEN AIR OFFICE with a lot of circus around you for people’s entertainment,

  • where people take time to EXPLORE and for CONVERSATIONS
  • are open to GET SURPRISED
  • plus, they return weekly
  • and buy some YUMMY STUFF

hence, these are prime spaces to frequent

  • with bake and lemonaid sales
  • plus surveys, interviews, walk-acts and immediate actions : “BOOST RIGHT NOW!”
  • aligned with current UN Theme Days

in Lulu’s LemonAID Warriors’ PHILANTHRO-PARTY style.

People will LOVE to hear of progress “what’s new from Babar?” and to learn of new hero*ines, causes and adventures every week.

Not long, and you’ll be the prime attraction, plus

  • you can have lots of fun
  • interact with people
  • make allies
  • invite friends
  • invite citizens for round tables
  • take vivid photos etc.

Become omni-present. Be spectacular! Create interesting photoshoot moments. Share your photos with us!

This is a rare casual stroll moment in people’s buzy lives… so make this YOUR OPEN AIR OFFICE!


  • teachers
  • families and children … for this fun week-end time

to connect with further crew, allies, hand out flyers, grow your supportive community


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