Equip the girls of Kakuma Permaculture Champions with proper tools, shovels, SEEDS etc, to extend the garden.

Note that Keynan elections lowered Un food distribution to 6 kg of rice per 2 months. People are grossly malnorished.

THE GARDEN provides food, but also meaning, beauty, creativity, a sense of doing, development and seeing things grow in a dull environment where youth have been stuck for up to 10 years in the semi-desert with NO books, tv, internet, music and even NO schooling for girls whose parents don’t want them to attend school.

THE GARDEN is their haven of purpose in combination with the evolving youth leadership centre.

Please help reach this milestone AND the milestone for WATER PUMP + HOSES + TANK. As you can see, this “digging for water” situation is not … not okay.

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