Global SDG School Challenge

This highly powerful tool and program activates

  • an entire class or even an entire school

with many benefits for learning culture … in collaboration with

  • diverse YL partners around the globe + the school community + the local community

We take on the popular topic of SDGs – United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

  • not in blahblah talk theory, but in practice, like we teach and learn sports and music
  • taking action on all 17 SDGs  with students’ choice from 200 missions pioneered by teen and adult hero*ines
  • driven by a Changemaker Student Club uniting fired up youth from all classes

> like a soft, holistic, modular curriculum.


It is like Changemaker Olympics > uniting everybody in a shared spirit and passion for a common greater goal where everybody picks and plays their part, with lots of FUN!

  • we have favorite disciplines, practice those we are talented for and enjoy
  • schedules and results are featured publicly for everybody to see
  • we respect all athletes, cheer them on, team up and contribute to their causes
  • with formidable collective outcomes and impacts
  • well worth to get documented (by a positive news media student crew)
  • doubtlessly inspiring thousands and millions
  • while involving them in our quest

It is not required that all students take part in teams and organizing activities. Just like with sport or music, changemaking must be driven by genuine passion; lack of passion, joy or will will destroy it. It must be 100% voluntary. Sufficient students and teachers will inspired by “this sport and vibe” to drive this forward. Their presence and activities will naturally reach out to others in fun ways and include them. In this informal, indirect way, 99% of students and teachers get touched and involved, as well as parents > like in sports, some act as athletes, others as amateurs, others in play, others as fans, others as onlookers. 

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