Places to meet are important. We use

  • homes … we are family
  • cafes etc. … what your local Unit likes and has to offer
  • YL LearnSpaces … framed by a Hero*ines Poster Exhibit for inspiration, ambience and intention setting

LearnSpaces also make great student club HQs at school, but their priority function is a gathering spot for fired up youth from a district’s different schools. Our young African program partners in a refugee camp turn their youth club into a Youth Leadership LearnSpace with tremendous benefits!

Does your city have a space for youth to meet, learn solutions for people and planet and self-organize, plan and implement impactful projects like today’s teen hero*ines do? Most likely not. How then could there ever be an Able Active Caring Citizenry? Never. You are equipped to step by step create such spaces, non-formally, with ease, lots of fun, lovely friends, amazing global partners, flair of action, beauty and adventure!

Ideal locations are “intersections with the public” open to all topics, such as pleasant public libraries and community centres, as an add-on dedicated to Youth Leadership powered by youth with program offers to all generations – serving youth to grow reach, crew, community and impact – and host spaces to bring the space to life with youthful spirit and action for positive change; as well as media presence, good standing, appreciation and funding.

LearnSpaces require that a host crew member is trained as YL Coach, able to introduce people to stories, the basic concept and to their new opportunities with the global YL Tribe and programs.

YL LearnSpaces can get certified as SDG LearnZone, as YOUTH-LEADER LearnSpace and as Inter/National Youth Leadership Learning Centre.

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