We are in the rare position to offer many ways to help in-kind, since our Hero*ines are not “organizations required to fulfill their funding proposal promises, with employees with limited decision-making power and skills” but rather multi-skilled “social entrepreneurs” who are independent, dynamic and highly creative, able and very happy to respond to new offers, options and opportunities, who have many able potential allies and beneficiaries in their regional network and love to add-on more and activate further potentials.

This offers you rare and exciting opportunities to turn your individual skills, resources and relations into big impact without need for money. In many cases, you use your machines at your “bulk price”, in others you task staff with interesting intrapreneurship, and sometimes you can get personally involved face to face. 

Gifting time and space in a holiday apartment, lodge, villa or yacht for a stay or workshop costs little to nothing. You may get surprised how precious “idling” resources can be for changemakers, YL Coaches and youth teams.

The same is true for those of your many friendly and professional relations. You can activate them by simply sharing a word on your new passion of helping amazing hero*ines and ask them if they like to join you to gamefully help turn potentials for amazing milestones or workshop into reality.

Heroi*nes’ pages list specific in-kind support options.
Here are general options that will give you many ideas. 

You may not feel like a hero*ine, but you may have lived your life to have manifested THIS STUFF precisely for this occasion to enable massive changes by equipping hero*ines “in the field” with what they could not manifest with their mission and lifestyle. And this makes us TRUE ALLIES.  

Enjoy discovering your secret powers! Some up for now, many for later.



Article, Interview

with YL Staff or our Hero*ines to boost their initiatives

  • with vivid photos
  • with links
  • highlighting audiences’ action opportunities

maybe even

  • setting the medium’s own milestone
  • inviting follow-up reports




for YL stories, ads, action calls


of teen hero*ines, youth leadership

  • stories
  • film, music
  • action calls


  • nighttime projection, illumination
  • festivals
  • on tram and subway tv
  • in train- & airline passenger media
  • events, galas



    • YL books
    • poster sets
    • calendars
    • student planners
    • cardgames
    • workshop materials

    for users, exhibits and LearnSpaces


    • T-Shirts
    • buttons
    • banners

    for YL Hero*ines, YL Staff, YL Coaches, Youth Teams 

    and for fans, the general public

    Used Goods

    for YL Staff and Project Partners

    • Laptops (2015 and newer)
    • Projectors
    • Smartphones, 100s for Kakuma refugee camp as storage and player device for YL stories, videos, music, education
    • Books, LEGO, games
    • Fablabs, robot kits


    Room & Board

    for YL Coaches and Hero*ines

    as they travel to attend events, trainings, to scout a region or regenerate, in

    • hotels + hostels
    • lodges, also off-season
    • retreats
    • private accomodation
    • villas
    • yachts

    Space for Seminars and Summer Camps

    • villas
    • yachts
    • retreats
    • chateaus
    • haciendas

    for 1 week to 2 months

    A Mobile Office VAN

    for the YL Pan-European Collaboration Tour 2021-30

    Eric commits #fulltimeforfuture to activating youth leadership all over Europe with an optimally equipped workspace

    • that allows to travel freely
    • to take coaches on board
    • to be independent
    • to minimize living costs
    • to scout regions
    • to take days off in nature for regeneration and silent work

    especially during pandemic times and restrictions


    Epic inspirational, beautiful art conveying hero*ine and Paradise spirit of diverse sort for

    • YL Magazine
    • shirts
    • posters
    • website
    • digital outreach media
    • colorizing products
    • merch, mugs, calendars …



    • of YL Story and Poster Sets
    • of YL Magazine
    • of publications

    to your region’s language


    Write, edit, design

    as ONLINE VOLUNTEER, short-or long-term, quickly trained for

    • YL Magazine
    • YL Social Media
    • further publications

    certificate upon completion



    Room & Board

    for YL Coaches in Residence to give crash courses and trainings, map local stakeholders, organize campaigns in

    • hotels and hostels
    • holiday lodges
    • retreats
    • private accomodation

    for 1 to 12 weeks


    • city and parks
    • stores
    • companies
    • organizations + events
    • private

    for workshops, exhibits, action week-ends, Philanthro-Parties, summer camps …


    • for articles
    • event announcements
    • action calls

    at local and global level


    • For Boost Flyers
    • Place Mats

    featuring hero*ines and QR links to boost

    Magical Coaches

    that teach skills that make life more awesome

    • vegan cuisine
    • bee-keeping
    • plant-sourced colors
    • upcycling etc etc etc

    to youth teams and adults

    Invite Speakers

    to your company, mall, school, festival, town fest, sports event, Christmas gala, grand opening etc. for

    • inspirational speech
    • charitable action
    • milestone challenge

    aiming for solid tangible results and vivid documentation for YL, social, news media, newsletters


    • Flyers
    • poster sets
    • place mats
    • banners
    • shirts
    • buttons, patches

    for distribution to schools, at fests and for team spirit

    Photography & Film

    • Quality photos
    • films

    of local teams and activities for YL, social and news media


    of people and items for

    • activities
    • stands
    • excursions
    • Philanthro-Parties

    organized by Boost Club, YL Coaches and youth teams

    Tech + Tools + Skills

    • for Philanthro-Parties
    • youth projects
    • excursions
    • summer camp set up
    • and more

    on occasion, on-demand

    Free Delights

    • Yoga
    • massage
    • yummy 

    for YL Coaches and youth teams, also as prizes

    Free Day Tours

    • canoeing, kayaking, sailing
    • horse-riding
    • canyoning, cacing, climbing
    • theatre, song, arts

    for YL Coaches, youth teams and underpriviledged youth they serve

    Skills & Decor for PHILANTHRO-PARTIES

    on demand, on occasion for the best charity parties in your town’s history

    • decor
    • arts, acrobatics
    • delicious food
    • magical kids animation
    • science and history

    and more


    Learnspaces where youth cannot just listen but actively contribute in co-creating the space and its outputs with relevant value for society,

    1. for YL team activities
    2. for citizenship education

    such as

    • permaculture farm
    • animal shelters, zoos
    • homeless shelters
    • community centre
    • edible parks and landscapes
    • ecosystem restoration
    • living & open air museums

    all year, on week-ends, during holiday periods …

    with badges and vivid photo documentation for their CVs



    • small items

    as gifts and animation for Philanthro-Parties and activities at schools and at town fests

    We’re pretty sure you’ve found something.

    Thank you very much for being here on the planet with us at this special time.

    Let’s talk how to best put your powers to use.