This page shows the 4 basic ingredients of our cake.

There’s more chocolate crisps, cherries and surprises baked into it that you’ll discover later 🙂

Please gain more views and wisdom on our approach, tactics and community experience here

1/4 You pick your favorite Hero*ines

There’s teenage and adult changemakers and exciting YL Program with diverse causes and milestones in diverse regions on Earth.

Their Profiles in our > Heroines menu tab show their work, what makes them awesome + what we seek to help achieve + vivid photos + video clips + a set of milestones. This is new! Common media articles and organization’s websites are boring and you don’t understand how it works, what’s next and how you could help. Here, you get intimate insights into successful projects, hero*ines’ lives, dreams and plans …

  • via our Buy Me A Coffee Action Community
  • newsletter
  • social media streams
  • The Hero Show on youtube
  • Video-Meetings

and you will develop friendly bonds, like with epic huggable characters from Harry Potter or Lord Of The Rings, and you become part of their adventures FOR REAL.

It takes only 1 minute and it feels like playing

2/4 Support in your favorite way

You’ll quickly notice that you can help in many ways.

  • Donate to the Boost Club in general, through membership and general donation
  • FUNdraise for specific milestones that inspire you
  • Help in-kind with goods, services, access to partners
  • Team up long-term with your group, school or company
  • Invite them as speaker …

Over time, you’ll discover countless more ways who to help, how to help, who else to activate to help and how. To make it best fun and easy, we provide all tools, tricks and support that changemakers use.

It takes 1 minute or 1 month and it feels like playing

I want to raise 100x more than my own $10€

I want 100s of citizens to join in

Tools & Tricks

Activate Schools & Businesses

Reach Milestones

Visit as Coach

I want to involve my staff and customers

I can teach skills. Can I go volunteer ?

3/4 We provide Tools

to reach many … friends, customers, school students, media audiences, fans and followers … in diverse spaces









It takes only 1 minute to download, post, send, use or gift

4/4 We provide Tips and Tricks

to open your eyes to many (overlooked) Allies, to their superpowers, to how they benefit professonally (!), and to put the FUN into FUNdraising for greater fun, reach and impact   







It becomes easy to detect like-hearted people – lovely people like you!

Remember WHY we do this.

We enable beginners and buzy people do mighty good – EASY – and both hero*ines and supporters feel uplifted.

A. We help Global Hero*ines that lead highly impactful initiatives and seek bigger goals for which they need our help. This means their initiatives are active and you add a BONUS. That’s great, because you need not feel guilty or responsible to save someone. You can help once, and then do something lese. YOU ARE FREE.

B. We activate Local Youth Leadership, since you’ll quickly feel “what about our local problems? What about our local youth? Shouldn’t we help them unfold their hero*ine self?” YES. WE OFFER TOOLS, TRICKS AND SUPPORT.

Our approach is to first boost Global Hero*ines, since their wow stories, stunning photos, swift steps and rapid results help you inform, inspire and involve others, also colleagues, co-workers, school classes, media and followers. The resulting community makes it very very very much easier to activate self-organized youth projects.

Okay, these are the 4 main ingredients.

The great thing about a global creative changemaker community is that we generate a lot of worldclass knowhow and content that makes a fantastic community experience.

Here are examples that come as Crispy Choc and Cherries with the cake of being part of the Boost Club.

YL Magazine

Follow Hero*ines’ unfolding adventures + use in education + become part of stories

Home & Family Activities

that make life more awesome – great for workshops, schools and fests

Speakers & Trainings

for events, schools, youth, teachers, groups, companies, unions – also as certified YL Coach

Fair Store

Hero*ine role model books, student planners, calendars + Fair Fashion from our Project Partners and more

Tribal Travel

Come visit our Hero*ines and make a difference together

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