We are currently in the process of setting up this website. It is a work of trust between outstanding changemakers and honorable community orgaanizers working #fulltimeforfuture to do good for people and planet, in particular to enable the young generation to restore a world of peace, joy and abundance for all in full alignment with the UNITED NATIONS’ Sustainable Development Goals SDGs.

The BoostClub fills an important gap in the world of changemaking, development and SDGs, by caring citizens with changemakers onsite – sort of like direct trade (buying your coffee from the village without intermediaries with high administration costs and profit interests).

The BoostClub charges no platform cost, it is run on volunteer energy. Only unavoidable paypal and credit card processing fees get deducted from donations. From BoostClub side, 100% of donations go straight to the milestones and changemakers they are donated to. In some cases, 10% get deducted to initiate youth leadership programs, in order to boost youth and grow the supportive community, since youth have FUNdraising superpowers, especially youth at school.


The BoostClub is a project of multi-award winning YOUTH-LEADER.org, 4x Official Project of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development DESD 2005-2014 and Competence Partner of RCE-Ruhr, United Nations University.

The BoostClub is a brainchild of Eric Schneider, Images and Voices of Hope IVOH Award laureate, Pacesetter in Ashoka changemakers’ re:imagine learning Challenge with the LEGO Foundation, and year 2011-2014 member of UNESCO’s National Round Table for the implementation of the World Decade of Education for Sustainable Development in Germany; for further references visit Eric’s personal website www.theplanetaryguardian.com


Photos belong to featured changemakers.

We never use stock photos found on google. We only use authentic photos. Please do not use photos displayed on this website for any purposes. Should you have interest, contact us, and we’ll see how we can help.

In order to BOOST hero*ines, our social media sites instagram, facebook and twitter provide tailored graphics with all information needed, with liberty for you to use text to inspire and involve your audiences.


As usual by internet standard disclaimers. Text upcoming.


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