Some professions have a particularly close affinity to Youth Leadership
– those that share our core purpose “to enable Able Active Caring Citizens”


love hero*ine role models to bring global issues to life and self-organized youth action


have a sense of public service, many librarties reinvent themselves as cocreative community centres


love uplifting solution stories and to involve audience and report on follow-up activities


love active citizenship, uplifting public ambience, stewardship, positive youth action


love people-powered action, since it nurtures a general sense of active citizenship

… and you’ll agree that, looking at our societies’ state … they have been failing their job purpose. Many are not even aware of their job purpose! But there are those that are and wish to live their professional ideal and social function … and boosting youth leadership does a great lot for achieving their professional aspirations. You bring a GIFT that matters to their daily professional life. That has enormous potential. Long-term.

Your fellow conscious citizens working in these profession are highly motivated to see youth leadership happen and therefore will be interested in your success and be willing to help as they can.

  • There’s 3 good teachers at every school. The social, the green, the wild one, often the sports teacher. You are their best ally to live their professional aspirations and have Gryffindore student clubs at school (especially as you unfold your skills as YL Coach).
  • There’s 1 good journalist at every medium newspaper.
  • There’s good librarians, councillors and folks in NGOs.

Find them.

How find them?

By spreading the world + by asking kids and parents about their favorite teachers, by talking to library staff and newsrooms asking “who here is the person to talk to about youth projects and active citizenship?”

  • using our flyers, cover letters etc.
  • and by expressing your heart and passion.

Why express your passion?

Because they are the rare one in their professional workplace … and you are the rare kind that is THEIR KIND … and this feeling is what makes them recognize you got GOLD. And that YOU have GOLD in your Heart … which makes all the difference between people that CARE to DO GOOD and those who don’t, right? The hero*ine spirit that makes young hero*ines and community organizers different from the non-active masse. The spirit that makes people find them inspiring, recognize them as role models and bestow our societies’ finest awards upon them. It is this spirit that translates into action.

Each also have superpowers, such as daily access to 100s or 1,000s of people, access to media, to spaces, overview of resources in the region … we know how to help harness them. That’s for advanced steps.

You have nothing to lose and you cannot ridicule yourself.

YOUTH-LEADER offers worldclass learning for sustainability, youth leadership, active citizenship and positive change media – and you as someone recognizing that quality and deciding to be a community member to bring this quality to local level … that’s intelligence and responsible parenting and active citizenship.

Love it? Feel it. Share it.

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