There’s precious things to learn from changemakers. To create a world of awesome. 

80% of human behavior is shaped by role models, much of it subconsciously. It also works via media. This makes role models our strongest asset in phases of Transformational Learning, such as a new sport, enterprise, motherhood, or – changemaking! You learn from DOers, (not books, talkers, protesters). You learn by intensely* watching them, from feeling into them; finally also by meeting and running with them. This activates the hero*ine key on your inner piano, which expresses in your own unique psycho-emotional alchemy, gentle or badass or …

Hence we at YOUTH-LEADER create media, methods, tools and community to fill our daily life with hero*ines, solutions and action. And the daily life of youth and citizens in town! Here’s all you need for this fascinating adventure of self-unfolding in action, in neat, fun packages. Indulge, following your own pace.

Our Social Media

Daily role models, solutions, action

In Your Hands

Paper copies have deeper power

Pay A Visit

Travelling is Learning

Form a Local Unit

Lots ot learn here!

Each item expands our view of solutions and opportunities, for ourselves and to share with kids, friends, teachers, journalists and mayors, for years and decades to come. 

Big part of it is the SPIRITwhich makes hero*ines such highly inspirational speakers.

This Spirit resides in all of us, like a seeds contains an eternal sacred architecture, and it gets awakened as it gets nourished with water and sunlight, synonyms of Love, in this case acts of Love for the People and Land We Love. 

It is a Law Of Nature:

As we get to see, feel and act like changemakers, your Inner Hero*ine unfolds. Like any seed, you need a GOOD DOSE of it for a GOOD WHILE and on DAILY BASIS, and its awakening will be un-stop-pable.

Dig in. Immerse Yourself. Feed your Heart. Enjoy!

A Secret

* Intensely means, it only works with things you truly care for, that you are passionate about.

Like in sports or music, if you don’t really care, it does nothing.

If your Heart is on fire for doing good for youth, people and planet, it works! Then, it lightens up your gut engine, the emotional wave kicks you into motion.

This is what makes changemakers so inspirational : Like others feel “im gonna win this match”, or “I’m gonna make a million dollars”, the hero*ine feels “i’m gonna change the world.”

No matter what people say, YOU WANT IT TO HAPPEN!

So dare feel the force of the Spirit of Life protecting Liufe itself, feel your savage positive emotions, come wildly alive and #bemoreawesome

You can live it gently 🙂

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