Don’t worry that you don’t see youth in these pictures. Remember that the BOOST CLUB is our community for ADULTS. Youth mostly organize in the #BEMOREAWESOME program community.  

As Crowdfunding Community, we operate online, serial-crowdfund diverse causes and interact vividly with fellow boosters and hero*ines.

For best fun, we also bond locally as we activate our friends, workmates, colleagues and online friends to generate more funds, connect with schools etc.

Those of us falling in love with helping hero*ines and make it our lifestyle and sport can strengthen their membership in the YL Tribe and



are like Local YL Volunteer groups that involve the citizenry and allies like teachers etc. to grow impact and cultivate local youth leadership.


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Let’s take a good look at what’s in for Adults.

We always talk of young hero*ines and supporting local youth BUT also us adults lead a very rich life as “activists” as we plot how to inspire people, create inspiring stages and parties, take uplifting photos, reach and network with diverse partners in the community and get together to plan what’s next over a good cup of tea and cookies.

Life with a Local Unit

This is big fun!

You get to live your passion on a regular basis, meet like-hearted people, make new friends with surprises, resources and relations that are mighty helpful to achieving your good dreams for people and planet

It's impactful

since you get to unlock considerable amounts of money and in-kind support … with remarkable results on lives and land in your target region

It's exciting

because you experience people’s good hearts, intentions, willingness, momentum … and your agency … and you get to see the

I love having the stories on my wall. It doesn’t matter if people around me join in or not. It inspires me every day.

It's creative

because you get to wield tools and tricks used by amazing hero*ines … and get to experiment with diverse YL group activities … and to stir, mix up and shuffle diverse resources of diverse kind locals with diverse talents and relations

It's enriching

since you get to learn highly useful practical knowledge with far and near people that you never imagined to meet or team up with to live your causes of heart

It's a learning experience

on solutions, people-power, what humans can do, what youth can do, what caring allies have been in town without you ever noticing one another … and how to activate many citizens for positive changes

Meeting my friends has changed from hanging out chatting to purpose. I hadn’t expected this. I love it.

It's empowering

because you get tools, methods, partners and coaching to achieve your dreams for your community and region

It's being part of something bigger

WE HAVE A PLANET TO SAVE and anything less than activating youth leadership in a million schools with today’s Einsteins and Gandhis is boring and won’t do

It's Living Your Dreams

Just think of your amazing travel destinations, and that you’re not coming as a tourist, but as a friend and ally

It’s funny how my relations respond when I say I have no more time for this and that. I say I have found this new thing of working with young hero*ines, and it’s so much fun, and everybody gets curious to learn more. (laughing)

It means living your noble self


This know-how will be of value for your entire life

and to many people that you will meet in decades to come

A Rich Daily Life

It’s candy for your IKIGAI


Even people leading rich lives living their passion, like artists or athletes feel today that what they’re doing is not exactly what the world needs right now.

This is the BIG THING in our era. It is reason of future angst, guilt and mental illness.

We help heal it, by living one’s heart with high impact action.

As a youth or adult involved with YL, you get to add PASSION, MISSION and VOCATION to your daily life at home, at work and in the community. We encourage you to seize and celebrate this opportunity and extend it to others.

Imagine all adults in town to live like this. What will society be like?

Youth leadership en masse is a game changer for society.


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