As your endeavor grows, it is useful to have a pleasant space where to comfortably meet with your fellow adults Local Boost Club Unit, and where to invite people for meetings, Philanthro-Parties, learn of youth leadership etc.

Tip. This need not always be the same place. Be at ease. Let things unfold organically, spontaneously.

At home

Sure. This shall definitely be part of your meeting and community culture, since you are family. Adults have lost the shamefree spirit of kids that just run by, play and sleep over at friends’ houses without second thoughts. Teen and twen hero*ines have it. It suits you, too. No suits.

Temporary Pop-ups

Perfectly fine, since you take it easy, freestyle, expand your presence – all of which conveys to people that this is easy-going, for everybody to join casually, on occasion, nothing fixed with boring board meetings.

Casual Cafes

of good spirited people that enjoy purpose, meaning, conscious customers and even activities like open stage, exhibits, …

Space with Infrastructure

such as a community centre or public library or a window spot in a spacious boutique in the pedestrian zone …

There’s plenty of liberty.

However, to avoid mis-takes born from past habits, observe these 4 rules. 

Rule #1 It must not be an office.

Forget “closed” NGO feeling – be fully casual and independent and open toall cases and people beyond old containers, labels, status, power or expertise. No one did well for youth leadership – no one has credentials. It’s all new, fresh and we keep it fresh and freestyle!

Rule #2 It shall not cost you anything.

You may buy tea or coffee, but you must not pay for rental. You are not to be an NGO with budget costs, you stay informal as citizen’s group and funds go strictly into young hero*ines and youth leadership.

Rule #3 An intersection with the public.

No “invisible” NGO offices. You may meet at home, enjoy garden and kitchen, but you should at leats ALSO find a space open to the citizenry, where your presence is visible long-term (e.g. poster exhibit), known as the place to meet those cool SUPER NICE & ADVENTURES YOUTH LEADERSHIP FOLKS and take action.

Rule #4 Not stinky or makeshift.

You are noble hearts, the finest, those who step up for youth and hero*ines without expecting pay, certificates or positions. You are not to meet in some shed, but in a space living up to the sacred cause of restoring Paradise, so it shall feel like Paradise. No less flair than a nice cafe or luminous public library.

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