When should you decide to form a UNIT?

Given its size, UNITS do more than clicks and donations. They reach out to activate the community. and people will ask if they can take part, help, join your group. At this point, the group grows beyond a circle of friends or workmates. Hence, we find it useful to offer a form.

Here’s how your personal path can develop to group stage and UNIT.

As you start to donate and see success unfold online, you’ll enjoy sharing your new found passion and adventure with others. It won’t take long that you won’t want to be alone any more but join forces, skills and relations as a team. You will first unite as FRIENDS or workmates. This can generate considerable support for hero*ines and even local youth from your close relations.

Once you dream bigger, you’ll feel you want to activate the CITIZENRY. As you begin to reach out with flyers, stands, Philanthro-Parties, exhibits etc., people will ask if they can join your group; so what it this group? The Fair Cafè Team? The Mercedes Benz charity club? While those can be fine and fun in the workplace bubble, it would feel awkward once the public gets involved. You’ll need somethingt more general. Also you’ll find that it adds to your momentum, to your self-understanding and the feeling of being “on a mission” to take forward by meeting (like sports clubs do) by getting a little “organized”. Also, this helps with communications when writing to schools, councillors, journalists or addressing audiences. In a form that people can JOIN. To form a formal organization however would be exaggerated and unnecessary. We do not want to offer you official membership of a formal YL organization, which comes with degrees of responsibility. Instead, we wish to stay non-formal while indicating that you are part of the badass genius global BOOST CLUB Community and YOUTH-LEADER Tribe.

We wish to non-formally give you

  • BENEFITS of feeling part of something greater, our global community, also to strengthen your communication of “who you are with, and what you have to offer as yourself AND as a global network of qualified partners”
  • LIBERTY to form your own “identity” in terms of name and flair. This could be a citizens group, youth team or other.

After having been active part of our online community, and have enjoyed activities and results, and decide that you like this “sport” and want to aim for higher goals, you can register a BOOST CLUB UNIT, with marker on our LearnPlanet Map to get found and find others. UNITS should be open for other kind citizens and youth to join.

This means you can be the Merrytown Robin Hoods while having status as YL Boost Club Unit.


you join forces to spread the news, raise funds, set up stands, exhibits, launch Philanthro-Parties, reach spectacular milestones and spread uplifting news in the community via various channels.

Together, you can better reach out to schools, give presentations, contact mayors, move and store stuff, organize fun meetings, workshops, excursions etc.

You can better produce photos, feed an instagram page, share roles.

You gain great friends across generations and fellow travellers for your magical holidays visiting your fave hero*ines!


As a group with an extended network of allies, you can offer support for inspired youth teams, exciting workshops, excursions for youth teams, underpriviledged kids (horseriding, canoeing, vegan cuisine etc.) etc.

Together, you have considerable in-kind support powers like spaces, printing, means to connect with the citizenry and to host gatherings of all sorts. Each professional will know 5 more trustworthy people in their field.

It is highly recommended to get someone trained as YL COACH to organize advanced skills and activities and activate schools to form Changemaker Student Clubs and get involved in YL Programs.

We look forward to your UNIT to join us, since UNITS by nature are potent accumulations of people, passion and powers ! 🙂

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