Long-term Project Partnerships

Quick crowdfunding boosts are our main approach, since that’s what many people can do zipzap in their buzy lives.

But teachers for example will love to build a longer learning experience for their students. And others may, too.

Long-term Project Partnerships

imagine the magic of becoming part of the life, mission and adventure with a true hero*ine of today and to help them achieve their dreams.

Because without y/our financial help, they cannot.

This is now possible – through the internet – and through us selecting the rare kind of changemakers that fit such collaboration.

Groups of students, youth or citizens, company staff can engage, meet, discuss, unlock new steps, see success unfold … and write next chapters … and even pay visits. What an amazing experience building skills, memories, opening up opportunities and enriching lives of everybody involved.

And you can open up this unique experience to groups of students and colleagues. Enjoy!

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