teach skills that make life more awesome.

But not every vegan chef, bee-keeper, permaculture farmer, kayaker or horserider is a good educator or loves youth and is loved by youth – but MAGICAL Coaches do. They are the “everybody’s favorite teacher” type of person who always longed that youth learn their magical skill, worldview and world”feel”, and they are available in mornings, evenings, on week-ends and holidays – when youth leadership action happens.

We have global experts in our line-up

that you can book as Speakers and their Action Guides facilitate gorgeous activities for youth,

such as

  • Michaela Ostermann – 100% Fair Fahion
  • Zeynep Karabaczak – plant-sourced colors and cosmetics
  • Siarah – barefoot archaic living, horse riding journeys
  • Abbie Barnes – hiking and filmmaking
  • Dave Mason – middle school student-led expeditions
  • Cecilia and Luis – germination, fermentation for nutrition

and others.

How about growing up like this – locally?

Hero stuff is great BUT … a complete rich life includes all those other good things. Also, this stuff is what creates our LOVE for people, culture and the LAND, our bond, sense of belonging and reason and feeling of guardianship. It is LIVING the PARADISE that is the reason why we act. It means FEELING PARADISE inside, which makes us radiate on people and make THEM FEEL GOOD to heal and take action and ENJOY YL TRIBE company.

It’s the stuff that makes you and youth ace coaches and Philanthro-Party hosts.

Local Magical Coaches 

are your best friends to add fun to

  • Philanthro-Parties
  • Project Days and Weeks
  • Excursions
  • LearnSpaces
  • Family Activities
  • School and Town Fests
  • Global SDG School Challenges


Hence, we highly recommend to add your region’s Magical Coaches to the YL LearnPlanet Map

to enable your growing regional community to find, get found and self-organize.

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