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Often, there’s potential for more, especially in regions where peace, prosperity, democracy and future are eroding, which is the case for no less than 1,000 towns in Germany where mayors call for action against rising violence against public servants, from bus drivers to firefighters, nurses, politicians and teachers.

is a simple, common sense game changer that reaches many and causes diverse ripple effects.

It can begin with GLOBAL BOOSTING, and inspire LOCAL YOUTH LEADERSHIP.

Councillors’ main focus is on LOCAL YOUTH LEADERSHIP

They are a partner in nurturing youth-led activities at schools and beyond.

Councillors also have interest in global partnerships, e.g.

  • SDGs, sustainable development cooperation
  • youth exchanges
  • school partnerships
  • youth-led activities with Partner Cities

We have EXCELLENT partners for this.

YOU have excellent partners for THEM

  • to live SDGs in action
  • to meet Speakers
  • to feel citizens’ agency
  • to travel and receive guests

enabling self-organized follow-up

to shape the future of a region.

You have hardly heard of such in your town.

That’s HOW SPECIAL y/our offers are.


You can find your way to your allied councillors

  • by exploring city websites, townhall brochures, event programs and news articles
  • by giving a call asking for councillors on these topics
  • and pitch our offers for cities and schools
  • using our flyers

… and are as you enter conversations, you’ll figure out what their focus passion, priorities and potentials are.

They may also direct you to further allies.

We are here to help.

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