We’ve joined an Online Workshop with Siarah and it’s been gorgeous. The topic of life phases is really precious for young people and adults to become aware of. They are spot on and the most important one of leaving small box conditioned childhoof behind to become an able, confident and sovereign adult on one’s own path unfolding one’s individual core talents is from age 17 to 21 when our youth are force-funneled to learn a job for fear of … what exactly … hunger and ending up on streets?

The best is to travel the world, meet plenty of people, develop trust in humans, in oneself, experience plenty of professions and lifestyles, develop a network of relations … and then pick one’s next steps on a professional path. 

That’s what she’s doing.

Everyone find their way – but most important – at the age of 17 to 21 … believe in one’s impulse to flow and freestyle, because that’s only going to be more difficult later on in life. 

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