Pan-European School Partnerships

YL EUROPE. Headquartered in Europe, we care a lot about activating youth leadership in Europe. This means we tour Europe, activate schools, map allies and train citizens as YL Coaches who develop Pilot Regions using our methodology. As we set out to create the Europe we love – because the past and current Europe isn’t it, yet – one aspect being the suboptimal difference in economic prosperity, infrastructure, culture and nature between Western and Eastern Europe. A great asset in this context is West-East school collaboration, like in the Cold War era for peace dialog, but now for SDGs, to protect and restore natural and cultural heritage, our little known Rockies, Alaska and Amazonia (that are under grave threat), social business and youth-led tourism. And as Changemaker Student Clubs and Warrior Clans emerge at schools all over the continent – who want to live every teen hero*ine’s dream to meet like-hearted youth during summer break – we also organize YL Summer Camps.

It is a wonderful new opportunity for teachers, mayors and students caring for

  • peer 2 peer learning
  • project-oriented learning
  • living SDGs in Action near to home in easy ways
  • attention for European challenges and treasures (ignored by air travel expensive tourism centric mass media)
  • enabling the school community to get involved
  • connecting youth leadership with existing programs, structures and joys
  • while enriching these programs through youth leadership and YL Partners
  • Exciting encounters
  • Exciting shared vision, passion and projects
  • Largely student club powered
  • Self-organized communication between students becoming friends
  • Self-organized encounters as family travel etc

THE BIG NEW THING: STUDENTS TAKE ACTIVE ROLES BY LIVING THEIR PASSION TO CREATE A BETTER WORLD inspired, equipped and coached by their local and global enabling environment of YL Partners 

> Sparking 100x more follow-up action than school partnerships of the past because now there is deper bonds, more purpose, more reasons, for fun, more changing the world, more creative liberties, more magical memories


Peps up a common School Program

Let’s use EXISTING programs, allies and funding programs 

  • Teachers understand East-West collaboration
  • They understand peace dialog and do appreciate action
  • a fresh exciting edge on SDGs

We experience that many instantly respond with WOW YES HOW COOL, because people feel that the common school dialog is no longer inspiring for students and teachers “to get to know people from other cultures” (this happens much via media, today) … they feel there is need for different purpose in this age of multiple crisis.

They yearn to address concerns and make a difference – and with us they can do this.

The Pan-European context offers unique opportunities.

Read with attention below … these are arguments that RING A BELL with mayors and teachers.


Quickstart on both sides

  • Crash Courses with youth groups or school classes
  • Quickstart Actions
  • vividly document
  • share with the other group … and with social, news, YL media
  • video-meet, celebrate, converse on experiences, ideas, common aspirations, make plans
    … formal in group setting
    … informal youth driven via social media and video-meets like Fridays For Future youth do
  • agree on and pursue activities
  • dream up one or more common missions and milestones
  • work towards them, mobilize the citizenry

with many benefits for life, school, community and the Land beyond low impact talk talk partnerships

Self-organize Visits

non-formal Family Travel

non-formal Youth Travel

formal youth exchanges

volunteer stays

  • with amazing experiences with Magical Coaches learning things that make life more awesome
  • to bond with friends and allies
  • to experience their lifestyle, love and challenges
  • to create vibrant present in schools and public spaces that BOOST LOCAL RECOGNITION
  • to leave visible traces in the host community
  • and more

What an Adventure!

Youth will love it like in the 1920s when international travel was special


Tap into Partner Cities

  • mayors like this
  • use existing partnerships, allies, teachers, schools
  • align with SDGs
  • use existing funding sources
  • address problems in either region, such as mafia, child prostitution …
  • harness potentials in either region, such as nature, street art festivals …
  • make waves in media on both sides
  • inspire mayors on platforms and events of cities working on sustainability



instead of far away in Asia, Africa or Amazonia

  • to end suffering of youth in dull circumstances
  • to protect and restore natural and cultural heritage
  • for social business and youth-led travel

and gain an important new view on Europe,

and discover the priority quest to re-dream Europe and to protect and create the EUROPE WE LOVE


  • no air travel, but overland buses connect Europe at low cost
  • no cultural training required, but common values and aspirations
  • no danger to one’s life, like getting shot in the U.S.
  • solid infrastructure, ease of communication
  • quick, self-organized travel, as students, as families

enabling self-organization of diverse follow-up activities, like summer camps, Fair Trade etc.

creating FRIENDLY BONDS between students

Project-oriented School Partnerships in an enabling environment for High Impact Youth Leadership enable benefits for economic factors in development

  • that many stakeholders care about
  • that are rarely met in conventional educational programs 


As Western teenage changemakers grow up working with their Eastern peers over years and enjoy amazing personal encounters they form strong friendly bonds.

When Eastern European youth seek opportunities to pursue their learning journeys (e.g. university studies, professional formation and work ) in Western countries (like 10,000s of their peers do every year)

  • they have friendly contacts among fine, able, active, caring, well recognized Western European youth
  • who know that their Eastern peers are fine, able, active caring citizens of great value for Europe
  • who have vast networks of caring professional allies grown over 10 years of youth leadership
  • who are ready to help them with opportunities in their parents’ companies
  • who are ready to vouch for them, host them (minimizing living costs) for university studies 

for low income country youth to study, learn, work in their frienbds’s families’ companies and regions

This can amplify appreciation and support by city and partners, with considerable funds, relations and in-kind support.

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