Place Mats

A genius trick to reach everybody in family cafes, canteens and schools, at town fests and events.

Unusual today. That’s perfect. It makes people think. They appreciate the service – view bored kids below.

Afraid of using paper?

Value matters. A paper cardgame uses much less resources and energy than people playing cards on computer screens, especially when online streamed. Streaming music and films, softwares instead of locally stored copies is an insanity in terms of resources. This society is anything but sustainable and reasonable. Paper is just fine when used for the right things.

> These are micro books for people to discover a new world, take action, take home, connect with YL platforms and follow up.

You need not cut down forests for this. Trees are very happy to gift their fibres for this much positive affect for people and planet. Other than for receipts, online orders, toilet paper, disposable menstrual pads and colorful food packaging.

You use them once. And then, again, for special purposes and high impact events. > Get doing.

Place Mats

  • reach 100s of people > also those that don’t pick up hero*ine books or flyers
  • when KIDS are BORED waiting for their food > captures attention, sparks conversation, is memorable, enjoyed and taken home
  • at only 10 cents per person, full of inspiration to take home for more > much more efficient than conventional flyers, online ads etc.
  • reaches all at once at school or town fest lunch > great preparation for addressing the crowd via microphone for collective action

Diverse motifs

  • so each family member gets their own > sparks curiosity and conversations, a great pre-dinner experience
  • sense of discovery > for repeat customers frequenting your diner
  • for pertaining UN Day themes > for specific hero*ines or milestones

Space for your logo / stamp

  • you deserve it
  • you are a good role model
  • people taking this home shall know about Adult Allies like you

Custom motifs for you

  • YL Hero*ines you love
  • localized content
  • action calls

Order Bulk

  • cheap
  • double-side print
  • natural paper for colorizing

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