Poster Exhibits

Step #1 is to reach people and open their eyes to the fascinating youth leadership phenomenon and their opportunities to take part in growing it. For this we seek to create well visible presence over long period of time, and to engage people for more than mere information.

Social media only permit very brief stares at stories invidually in a rather hectic state of mind, with superficial attention – and it’s forgotten again.

Books make a great memorable reading experience, diving in, getting lost, and the fell under our fingers plays a role in that. But books are only read individually and when they are closed no one knows they are even there.

We need large-sized printed posters.


  • reach many people
  • over long periods of time
  • giving people opportunity to explore at their own time; to take it in
    … also repeatedly; this makes it memorable
  • to see BIG; size matters, or tvs and street ads were still small
  • to view it together; experience shared love, passion, values
    … and to express enthusiasm and ideas

“wow, this is so cool.”

“we should have this in our town.”

“yea. let’s do this.”

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