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Train 30 girls leaders in the world’s biggest Kakuma Refugee Camp self-defense by India’s world-famous Red Brigade Trust that have trained more than 50,000 girls.

Training : 12 sessions over 6 weeks
1 Projector to serve for multiple purposes for years:
Biscuits and refreshments for 30 girls:

Read below why this is urgently needed and extremely powerful and a world-premiere to ripple to other refugee camps and global schools.

30 Refugee Camp Girl Leaders Self-Defense Training

by Eric, YL Staff

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Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya

Eric, YL Staff

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Campaign Story

We are launching the world’s FIRST youth leadership centre in a refugee camp, with diverse impactful community empowerment programs + video-meetings with global schools to learn and live SDGs in LIVE Action with their peers in the most challenging conditions.

The self-defense training enables

safety, confidence, expression, unity, warriordom, sisterdom, mentoring, public speaking, speaking into cameras, testimonials, video recording = it turns SHY girtls into OUTSPOKEN LEADERS (the Red Brigade has witnessed in 10,000+ times!)

The projector enables in a place of no tv, internet, phones, radio, books and not even school – since parents ban most girls from attending school

  • video-meetings with you, us, coaches, global experts and SCHOOLS as spectacular learning partners on refugee crisis, climate crisis, Africa, development, SDGs, gender violence etc with diverse projects in line to make rapid on lives and land, and ripple effects through camp IF SCHOOLS wield their crowdFUNding powers
  • video-trainings for them and by them
  • music video viewing
  • movie nights
  • online learning

That is an enormous lot of value for 100+ youth for just $450€. Please make it possible.


This is a global pilot model that already receives much interest from people in UNHCR, SDGs, UNESCO education and citizen sectors. It can get really famous and prominent once we get this off the ground and promote it and have first school video-meetings and even visits!  Please help us get this started.

For now, they aim to do the training from phone to projector. For operational, quality and battery reasons, buying a laptop for another $400€ would be epic. Better sooner than later.

You can view the full Kakuma Girls Club page and fundraiser here


Kakuma Refugee Camp was built for 25,000, and is now inhabited by 200,000 … since tents are only 1 floor, it compares in size to a city of 1 million, in the desert – since camps are set up where no one lives – and it’s so dry that local stores don’t even sell seeds. There’s malnutrition. What can you do with rations of 6 kg of rice for 2 months? The sexual violence is so extreme that girls cannot even dare walk in camp at day, they should be at least in groups of 3. There’s schools for 70,000 students, but 30,000 don’t attend – the girls – because their parents do not permit to attend school “because it would make them bad wives” – and one girl told us when she dares attend school she gets raped by family members as punishment.

NOW YOU UNDERSTAND why a centre (already set up) with music studio and solar panel and 3 batteries (each $8,000€ value) recently gifted by a U.S. donor and a garden to grow, tend, work in peace, see things evolve and enjoy vegetables is of unspeakable value for the girls. View more rockstar milestones below.

THE PROJECTOR will ENABLE MANY USES like video-meets with world experts, coaches, Euro-American schools + film nights + music video parties + viewing their own music video productions and more. We aim for this low price model available in Nairobi with USB, HDMI



SUMAILI fled Congo at age 9 with his father, a doctor with Doctors Without Borders that directed a hospital and since he treated wounded soldiers and rebels, one night the military attacked him, drove him out, or they would kill him. it’s been 10 years in the camp, and when his father briefly had a “pandemic job” and income Sumaili pleaded to get a phone. HE IS THE ONLY ONE OWNING A PHONE. He trained himself permaculture on youtube, produced music videos and connected with supporters – like us. He is urgently passionate about helping girls get a good life. He has since trained adults in 4 parts of camp, built extensive youth community, won adult allies as mentors, gained international funding for the building, music studio and solar electricity and built ties with global experts like us to build partnerships to realize further milestones. He is currently badly sick with low blood pressure and a hole in his kidney, seeking traditional treatment since proper and affordable medical treatment is hardly available in Africa.

THE BOYS produce music videos on how precious water and how cool vegetables are, that we must treat the land well, and respect animals for the benefit of our community.

THE GIRLS join garden work, have dreams for tailor training and a beauty shop (view below). For many it is new to voice themselves and they are very excited about the LIFE-FIRST opportunity to receive unconditional support, get respected as full human beings with skills, dreams, rights and powers to help others and opportunity to realize dreams for their next practical steps of self-empowerment including skills to make an independent living.

GLOBAL EXPERTS are on board to inspire and empower them, connect with trainers and schools to build skills, experience, confidence, make an income and a CV that can build trust with civil / society to invite them to make a life outside camp, in Kenya and beyond. We are convinced that DIVERSE YOUTH LEADERSHIP and COACHING SKILLS are a widely recognized competence with high appreciation and growing demand.

THE MILESTONES are powerful to build skills and COMMUNITY, that means to get many more people involved in camp and beyond, which is the driving force to make this a successful initiative of high impact on everyone involved, … like the Red Brigade in India has grown to 100s of girl leader volunteers reaching 10,000s in their neighborhoods since they put their teens into positions of responsibility. In just 3 years, they have grown into the state’s largest youth-led organization!



and you are part of the world-premiere attempt. 


Your ideas are wanted. Join the Tribe!


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  • 04-09-2022

    Team Leader Training completed

    <p>We had a 2 hour meetring with Sumaidi and girl leaders to get to know trainers, Q&A and test technology. We learned that we need to use a phone as hotspot (the centre’s wifi is not strong enough for zoom viodeo + audio) and should get a laptop for stronger internet than phone and more solid cable connection to the projector than bluetooth.</p><span class="et_bloom_bottom_trigger"></span><span class="et_social_bottom_trigger"></span>

  • Girl Group Meeting

    <p>tomorrow, the first crew of 30 girls will meet to preparte for sunday. They have received 2 sets of questions on who, what, where sexual harassment and violence happen in camp. This will tune them in, form group spirit, serve documentation and facilitate shy girls’ expression on sunday when they meet the trainers.</p><span class="et_bloom_bottom_trigger"></span><span class="et_social_bottom_trigger"></span>

  • Team Leader Sumaili in Nairobi for Treatment

    <p>After surviving Malaria in march, over past weeks, Sumailia got struck with heavy kidney problems and low blood pressure. We raised $600€ for an immediate treatment to boost blood pressure. The funds were meant for the training but Sumaili is indispensable for the future! So we need your help to fill up the 750 for the training rapidly. Sumaili is in Nairobi will buy a projector and put it on the bus for the 900 km / 600 mile journey to Kakuma Camp. So, we need to HURRY with donations that will then go to Kenya via bank transfer. #bemoreawesome TODAY! We’ll reward you with unique memorable video meetings and insights to the great quests of our era!</p><span class="et_bloom_bottom_trigger"></span><span class="et_social_bottom_trigger"></span>

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