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Get LearnSpaces Packs to YL Program Partners in India and Africa, so they have a beautiful space with world class teenage hero*ine role models and vivid inspiration for 200+ projects … to invite youth, schools, the public and give fired up youth the perfect HQ to meet and develop projects backed by a global tribe of experts and lovely people like you.

LEARNSPACES – Set up Youth Leadership HQs in YL Partner Regions

by Eric, YL Staff

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Eric, YL Staff

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Campaign Story

YL Youth Leadership LearnSpaces are places for youth to gather to get inspired, learn solutions, to plan and realize projects that change lives and land like their hero*ine peers.

Do such spaces exist in your city? No? So, how can there ever be an active citizenry that’s better than voters who wait that national government pay someone to fx things? Never.

LearnSpaces are awesome, since they require only a hero*ines exhibit as frame setting ambience and intention, some self-learning resources and someone to guide newbies and activities, preferably trained as YL Coach with immediate action options and partners all over the world. 

LearnSpace dissemination and activation deserves our help, since this experiment with guaranteed in/tangible positive results needs little resources and they unfold their power as a youth team makes it their outer school HQ uniting fired up youth from the district’s schools and Changemaker Student Clubs.

Each Pack is $400€ incl shipping, and includes a 100 piece poster exhibit, 25 XXL Ambience posters, the 1,000 piece #BeMoreAwesome crash course, books, cardgames, manuals, flyers and more. Our Partners each have networks and reach into schools to reach 100s, even 10,000s of children and youth for years to come.

Applicants include

  • in India: Red Brigade Trust, Bal Manch, Babar Ali’s School (youngest headmaster in the world)
  • in Africa: Kakuma Refugee Camp Girls Club, Skhumbuzo, John (free school and Quidditch Team), Karim (La Fondation Aicha HQ, Guinea)

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  • 4 African Sites with dedicated long-term partners

    <p>We are delighted that we have 4 perfect and different sites in sight, which are united in common goals and will collaborate once activated. We give each an update so you can make up your mind which one fascinates you most. </p><span class="et_bloom_bottom_trigger"></span><span class="et_social_bottom_trigger"></span>

  • Skhumbuzo\'s community centre in rural South Africa

    <p>… in a region challenged by climate crisis, crime, gender violence, 80% youth unemployment and political unrest. He is a dance and theater coach on fire to activate youth-led actions of economic relevance such as permaculture. He has experience with international youth exchange with Germany, which is a great asset for school dialog, partnerships, youth exchange, tourist visits and volunteer stays.</p><span class="et_bloom_bottom_trigger"></span><span class="et_social_bottom_trigger"></span>

  • Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya

    <p>A most amazing fully youth-led pilot program by a visionary dedicated leader and crew that has already established a building, permaculture garden has plans for tailor training and beauty salon and is on fire to add the full scope of YL Learnspace programs like heroines exhibit, self-defense training, global school dialog and more … and to evolve the centre into a community centre attracting families and all generations and form bonds with schools in order to grow the girl protection campaign through the entire enormous camp and many other camps on Earth where youth are entirely abandoned by failing adult generations. Let's change this NOW!</p><span class="et_bloom_bottom_trigger"></span><span class="et_social_bottom_trigger"></span>

  • Rural school/s in Uganda

    <p>led by visionary free school principal and Quidditch coach John Seentamou who already has tailor and hairdresser trainings at his school, founded a Rural Teachers Association with schools in 20 villages and instantly signed up with our Luwayo PPI inspired Community Fruit Tree Nursery that will swiftly build presence and collaborative bonds with community and media. John is perfect for global school meetings and his students will be ready to teach their global peers.</p><span class="et_bloom_bottom_trigger"></span><span class="et_social_bottom_trigger"></span>

  • La Fondation Aicha HQ, Guinea

    <p>… run by Karim / Steeve in partnership with LFA and YL Magical Coach Elizabeth Herald of Watershed Wisdom Councils (USA), operating in an urban environment in a very small state in challenged conditions and with the international community's attention for sustainable development.</p><span class="et_bloom_bottom_trigger"></span><span class="et_social_bottom_trigger"></span>


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