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Make a Gift of Monarch butter Nursery / Sanctuary to the world’s most formidable young Knight boss battling for poison-free food production, so that our bees, bugs, butterflies, bacteria, bodies and babies can live in health, peace and abundance once again.

RACHEL PARENT – Monarch Butterfly Nurseries & Sanctuaries


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Rachel is by far the most prominent voice and face for GMO labelling in entire North America, the USA and Canada, where 70% of foods contain GMO ingredients drenched GMO poisons without any labelling … and where 1 in 3 children and youth have a severe chronic disease like leaking gut, ADHS or extreme allergies – kids die from eating a peanut.

Rachel is awesome. We have seen her step into power at age 13, witnessed her live on air as she slayed Dragon O’Leary, stormed every dark fortress to unmask lies and incompetence, from Monsanto shareholder meetings, to Argentina’s mass birth defect impacted GMO soy cultivation region and to the Health Ministry, and fended off smear attacks orchestrated by dirty industry. She is the epitome of Cardinal Virtues of Fortitude, Temperance and Justice. A veritable unicorn.

She deserves our support, because she continues her path as twen – being one of the few lifelong changemakers !! – and studies journalism – fully aware that her truthful spirit will leave few options in industry, but only in spheres where people truly care for life, land, love and our people.

We wish to gift her funds to add another nursery / sanctuary for her beloved iconic Monarch Butterfly which used to roam from California to Mexico in millions and is down to less than 20,000 due to dirty GMO agriculture poisoning and killing off its primary food source – milkweed. We’d actually love to see schools along migration trail create food sanctuaries. Let’s do our part in this.

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