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Help connect Indigenous People and ecosystem restoration experts with the world’s youth, schools and citizens … to restore the Amazonian ecosystem – from the Amazon Basin to the Andean mountains and the sea!


by Eric, YL Staff

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Berlin, Brazil

Eric, YL Staff

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Campaign Story

A major fascinating initiative involving Amazonia’s and the world’s people is underway!

Instead of helplessly watching criminal loggers, miners, oil and soy companies destroy the rainforest we can NOW all actively and efficiently heal and restore enormous wounded, burned and deserted areas, restore life systems, edible landscapes, community centres, learnspaces, and solid partnerships by DIRECTLY supporting large indigenous-led restoration projects – in combination with development, Fair Trade and visits – for example as school to enrich learning culture, but also as citizen, company, city – and shape a good future for entire regions by adding our superpowers to hundred thousands of local hands that labor #fulltimeforfuture to create this new pillar to save Amazonia and its hundreds of peoples, cultures, millions of species and the Earth’s Water Cycle’s HEART PUMP!

THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP to make it real by adding to the CROWDFUND


Teachers, students, parents and partners are very aware of global issues, feel urge to protect lives and land and yearn for meaningful ways to make impact beyond not using plastic straws. What they need are role models, solutions, project partners, tips, tricks and coaching on demand. Then, this happens:

Namaste Nepal student club (in Freiberg, Germany, pop. 34,000) helps develop a village in Nepal with kindergarten, schools, library, afforestation, greenhouses, health camps, new crops and work visits. Their annual epic 48 hour day & night sponsor run scores $40,000€ because the whole town loves ot participate in this mission. Teachers, students, parents, citizens, mayor, companies, media … everybody loves it!


What this Amazonian initiative needs is CONNECTION with global schools and youth and thereby the citizenry. Hence, we bundle leading science, solutions, hero*ines, project partners and global examples of youth-led projects, school programs and philanthro-party culture in a beautiful magazine – in which every article culminates in action guides, speaker contacts, tips, tricks and links for more – plus youtube channel, poster exhibit, teaching tools, video speakers, project partners and travel destinations.

This EDU-ACTION Pack *created with indigenous people, world experts, young hero*ines, model solutions and diverse action opportunities* becomes no doubt the world’s BEST resource on AMAZONIA, sustainability, climate youth leadership, living SDGs in action – for FREE in digital form + available as paper copy on demand, promoted via diverse newsletters and media of participating organizations and citizens, and via global platforms in fields of education, environment, youth and the SDGs community.

We kindly ask for your help to crowdfund production of this jewel. Our goal is 3,000€, stretch goal 5,000€.

All contributions beyond 5,000€ go into TRANSLATION and PRINTING paper copies for distribution at schools, cafes etc.

The Amazon Swarm Initiative has invited YOUTH-LEADER’s director Eric Schneider and formed a team in charge of this resource. YOUTH-LEADER has been honored with multiple awards for youth, media and education work, has 4-time status with UNESCO for Education for Sustainable Development ESD, is competence partner of RCE-Ruhr, United Nations University, for achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals SDG and works with hundreds of changemakers on the planet that are also interwoven with this program.

Click here to read more about this project and PREVIEW CONTENT.

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