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Siarah lives every 2nd girl’s dream of travelling a country on horseback, plus with a goat at her side and barefoot. 100s of followers enjoy her journey, courage and poetic reports. We help her cover basic needs, go next level and connect with school students.

SIARAH’s Horse Initiation Journey Equipment

by Eric, YL Staff

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, Germany

Eric, YL Staff

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Siarah crosses Germany on horseback and dares to follow her dreams and go Into the Unknown, dives into encounters with the raw natu-ral elements and strangers, tastes her insecurities, feelings and limits in what she calls “Archaic Living”. She is a medicine woman on a learning journey.

She is awesome, since she lives every 2nd girl’s dream and shares her experiences in intimate detail and natural poetic language. She talks to animals since childhood, walks barefoot since age 14, is highly eloquent, shares many magical stories and offers workshops on diverse topics.

She deserves our help, because she is an extra-ordinary role model in learning to being true to one-self and finding one’s path in society – as a con-scious initiation journey to Adulthood.

We seek to help her cover basic material needs to walk this journey which inspires so many of us PLUS to create access to schools and young people, so they can learn from her and find inspiration for their lives, while creating professional opportunities and income for Siarah.

Stretch goal: + a Travel Saddle for $2,500€ or a gifted Used one. 

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