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Bring the first Positive News Magazine for you, youth, education into the world, telling the unfolding adventures of today’s true hero*ines and enabling audiences to turn into users in many ways + be the first to enjoy amazing teen hero*ine stories as they appear online + get a digital copy upon completion.


by Eric, YL Staff

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Eric, YL Staff

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YOUTH-LEADER MAGAZINE is the world’s first positive news action magazine that enables readers to take action, see projects unfold, contribute content PLUS with teen and adult changemakers and avantgarde thinkers PLUS fit for children, youth and education PLUS of global scope PLUS online volunteer powered PLUS enabling national and local issues PLUS online + digital PDF + in print + as artistic wall displays reaching many and providing a backdrop for FUNdraiser stands and more.

It’s awesome, because it offers unique flair of adventure, action, beauty, spirit, can-do content PLUS it is designed BY CHANGEMAKERS *FOR CHANGEMAKERS* and the global public to boost their solutions to planetary scale.

It deserves our collective effort, because it is the only medium connecting our beautiful young generation to today’s Einsteins and Gandhis left abandoned by all media.

We seek to get global Issue #1 off the ground in beauty – online, as digital PDF and in print – to create buzz on social media, build big supportive community, generate support for hero*ines, inspire local youth and citizens for action and spark National (like we do for Bosnia-Herzegovina), Continental Issues (like we do for Africa) and Local Issues

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May, 2022

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  • YL Magazine Bosnia-Herzegovina Issue #1

    <p>… gets massive support and is in the making with gorgeous partners all over the country. It will be of superb value for the country – to inspire people with global examples, highlight national ones and connect local and national and global changemakers to work together. It will be an ace resource on the country’s post-Yugoslavian War reanimation for many conscious educators in Western Europe – with strong focus on youth and action – encouraging interaction and Living SDGs in Action and pan-European School Partnerships like we did for peace dialog in the Cold War Era, but now for protection and restoration of cultural and natural heritage and small social business and youth-led tourism and building bridges for visits and YL workshop tours and summer camps in this amazing Rocky Mountains environment that’s safe, surprising and just a 12 to 24 hour busride away for Western Europeans. We highly encourage you to crowdfund our Bosnian Issue, too, and to seed it widely. It will get a column in global YL Mag online, of course and add a highly enjoyable Indiana Jones note for our global audiences!</p><span class="et_bloom_bottom_trigger"></span><span class="et_social_bottom_trigger"></span>


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