Babar was 9 years old when he started teaching friends too poor to afford school what he had learned in the morning. The game in his parents’ backyard soon became a school. Babar has since taught thousands of students, many passed entry tests to attend university, his first students are now teachers at his newly opened school.

He is awesome, because his volunteer-powered school is a model needed in countless other villages. His story is in Indian textbooks reaches tens of millions of students, he regularly speaks at big events, millions hear his message on Indian media and every day, Babar gets requests from teachers asking for help to launch village schools. Since he learned of teen hero*ines, he promotes student- and project-oriented learning.   

He deserves our help, because his dream is that this model get replicated for the benefit of many millions via video trainings and summer schools for teachers. Despite his fame, Babar ranks YL among his most precious contacts and whenever he scores a photo with the president or a letter from Angelina Jolie, Eric is among the first to get to see them. That’s almost weekly.

We seek to

help Babar add

  • creative programs at his school
  • international dialog with schools to initiate projects
  • visits by traveller and volunteers
  • sources of income since he and his teachers work as volunteers and live in modest village conditions

to – after an entire life of helping others achieve theirs – achieve his personal and professional dreams

view in-kind support below


Babar keynotes National Education Day Event

Babar keynotes National Education Day Event

We love having played a part in Babar's cool keynote on SDG 3 Quality Education on National Education Day 2021 ... on student-centred learning + student clubs + American high impact examples + youth leadership and ways to get active with YL.

Babar in Angelina Jolie’s Book

The kind of mail that Babar gets. Isn't it amazing that people forget to support his school and dreams financially? We don't, and we hope that many of you join the quest to add student-led projects at school and beyond, international school dialg and volunteer visits....

Babar's Story

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Download the 2-page PDF to print, share, involve friends, school, workplace and scale up your suppport

As we watch his adventure unfold,

we get news of his exciting progress,  

Babar is also

  • YL Speaker
  • YL Project Partner

available for schools and groups.

The world benefits from

  • a story that teachers and students love
  • an encouraging model for home and village schooling
  • a strong message that each of us have knowhow and skills that we can teach others who cannot afford to pay for in official workshops

and that’s great for rich family life, youth leadership and learning culture.

YL benefits from

    a superb Action Guide challenging youth to design lessons for peers, LearnStations on playgrounds and more.

    Babar is highly present in India

    fueled by desire to see more student-led projects. What are we going to do with that?


    Swift steps to help Babar advance on his mission + expand his horizons + give back to his parents

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